Boy And Girl Cherubs

I hope to be able to use this blog to share some of my vintage postcards, for you to use in your artwork. I am completely smitten with the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and my collection is dedicated to ephemera from that period. My main theme is cupids and cherubs, so there is a lot of Valentine cards, but also some Easter, Christmas and New Year’s cards. I have many American and Brittish, but also a few French, alongside the scarce cards from elsewhere in the world.


– Boy and Girl Cherubs – free to use in your personal art –

With this post I give you my first entry to the world of ephemera crafters and artists, a png-file (transparent background) I have prepared using one of my favorite postcards of my collection. I hope you are able to use it in your personal art.

EDIT on March 12th 2013:

I have used the above png to create a printable sheet for you, 4 copies of these cute cherubs, ready to cut and gift to someone special (click on the image to find the high quality printable pdf file!) :


I plan to post loads of cherubs and cupids on this blog, and might also post some old photos and other ephemera I have collected over the years, as I proceed with digitalizing my collections (a task long overdue!) I’m also trying to muster the courage to post some of my designs created with free vintage graphics offered from other online sites and public domain, but time will tell if I dare to do so.

5 thoughts on “Boy And Girl Cherubs

    1. This website is very beautiful and wonderful! I can see that the website is made with love and with very good sense of style. And people from all over the world like it and watch it every day.
      If someone dislikes some site it’s better just to avoid watching the website and not to write offensive comments with destructive critique.

      1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, it is true I do have a crowd of devoted followers visiting on a regular basis. I believe they are enjoying most of my whimsies, like the Muybridge jumping lady I animated đŸ˜‰

        I don’t mind if people disagree with my style and ideas. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I could have censored her comment if I wanted to, but I think it is good that we are different đŸ™‚ I try to learn something from ALL the comments I get, and as you can see, my “spooky lady” is still in place…:-P she has become a bit of a trademark for me, so I doubt that I will be removing her any time soon… hehehe

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