Three Lovely Ladies 1911

I am truly blessed with so many wonderful girls in my life! Just the other day my doorbell rang, and outside stood a surprise visit. My ex-steph daughter (now 21), we have agreed to call her my bonus-daughter 😀 So in addition to my two little ones, I also have her, all grown and gorgeous. I was her steph-mom for about 5 years, when she was little, the same age as my daughters are now. Since the relationship with her father ended, 12 years ago, we have grown more and more friends, I think in many ways she is more open with me, than with her real parents. She and her friend came for a surprise visit and stayed with us for 3 days, I feel totally revitalized with all this youth and energy in my house. Also these young ladies are totally into DIY, saving money and they adore everything vintage, just like me. So today I give you three lovely ladies from my postcard collection, inspired by “my” three girls.





I took the time to scan these three at 600 dpi, so my bonus-daughter can download them and have them printed really big for her Oslo-apartment. Feel free to use them for your personal art. ENJOY 😀

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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