A Peaceful Easter 1909

While Easter is coming to an end, I am posting this years last Easter Cherub. I believe I have saved the best for last 😀 I have photoshopped the sweet girl cherub into a png (transparent background) for you, suitable for all year crafting:

APeacefulEaster_WingsofWhimsyThe card is heavily embossed and gilded, and the soft greys and pinks are excuisit!


Feel free to use this gorgeous cherub for your personal artwork and enjoyment 🙂

You will now have to wait until next year for more sweet Easter Cherubs, but I assure you, there are many more in my albums 😉 And already tomorrow, I’ll be posting whimsical spring cherubs for you, so stay tuned 🙂

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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Easter Greetings With Cherub Portraits 1908

Look at these amazing Easter cherub portraits! I have worked with the portraits in Photoshop to give you those as png files (transparent background).



I can think of so many ways to use these, and I hope you can too 🙂 How about revamping that ordinary tumbler cup Vintage Style? 

Click on either of the the tumbler templates below to download or print the high resolution pdf file. There are both a blue and a pink version of the tumbler cup in the pdf, with or without the words “Love & Light” 😉 I put my name on the cup I made for myself, and you can too, if your Adobe allows you to enter text onto pages 😀


Just earlier this week, I was looking for vintage style paper with Easter print, preferably cherubs and eggs… I did not find any, and ended up crafting with some completely different paper… had I only scanned these litte darlings first, I would have known they are sooo perfect for that paper I wanted… I might have to redo that project now… 😛 Click on the paper below to download or print the high quality pdf file:


In case anyone is interested, here is the tile I created for the pattern. It can be loaded directly onto your desktop, side by side for a seamless Easter pattern, or assigned as a pattern in Photshop and you can use it anywhere you please:


The original postcards have the portraits on a serene landscape backdrop, and a soft grey background, and those gorgeous flower eggs making up the little frames. They are so cute I could cry 🙂 The Pink Darling has lots of open space, would be well suited for crafters wanting to add a personal touch, or mix the card with other media. The Blue Darling even has 4 little lambs and springbearing pussy willows 🙂EasterGreetingsWithPinkFlowers_WingsOfWhimsyEasterGreetingsWithLambs_WingsofWhimsy

Feel free to use these files for your personal art and enjoyment 🙂

Photoshop Patterns used for the Tumbler Cups and Vintage Paper:

Cupcake Photoshop Patterns – by photoshop stock

Random 2 Photoshop Patterns – by photoshop stock

More Stripes Photoshop Patterns – by photoshop stock

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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Rose Labels

Nothing compares to cherubs. But vintage roses come pretty close. So when I found this gorgeous skin cream label in a good quality file over at Sweetly Scrapped, I could not resist transforming it into a high quality label for you to use, digitally or printed. Here is an example of how I could use it for my blog:

Wings of Whimsy Rose LabelAnd a blank one for you to get creative yourselves

Wings of Whimsy: Rose Label

Or how about the png-file (transparent background) for digital creativity, it’s a gorgeous frame, don’t you think? The file should be large enough for you to print the end-result pretty big too:

Wings of Whimsy: Rose Label

And if you totally love this Rose Label and just want to multiply it and print it asap, how about grabbing the pdf for instant gratification (click on the image below for high quality pdf!):


Feel free to use these files for your personal artwork and enjoyment 🙂

And do check out Sweetly Scrapped for several other versions of this label, and numerous other free vintage goodies!! 😀

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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Best Wishes For A Very Happy Easter 1910

Easter is fast approaching. Here in Norway we informally include the upcoming weekend into Easter, and schools are off for 10 days. I will try to give you a few more cherubs for Easter, but today I wanted to share this pretty card with an hen, rooster and little chicks, and a real pretty Lily-of-the-Valley. I also love the soft grey frame, and the colorful typhography.

Feel free to use this card for your personal art. Enjoy 🙂

Love & Light


Here’s Joyous Easter – Clapsaddle 1912

I have a precious cherub-free Easter card for you today! Not very many of the cards in my collection are without cherubs, but the few I have without are truly special in my book! I love this Ellen Clapsaddle card with ducks and ducklings for several reasons, one is the simplicity of it, one is the red background band, and one is the beautiful little poem:

Here’s joyous Easter come again.

With sunshine bright and showers of rain;

May it bring gladness and Good Cheer

To you, and all whom you hold dear.

I do not know the initials of the poet, R.F. but would love to be enlightened if anyone has further information.


Feel free to use this card for your personal art 🙂 Enjoy!

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita