Here’s Joyous Easter – Clapsaddle 1912

I have a precious cherub-free Easter card for you today! Not very many of the cards in my collection are without cherubs, but the few I have without are truly special in my book! I love this Ellen Clapsaddle card with ducks and ducklings for several reasons, one is the simplicity of it, one is the red background band, and one is the beautiful little poem:

Here’s joyous Easter come again.

With sunshine bright and showers of rain;

May it bring gladness and Good Cheer

To you, and all whom you hold dear.

I do not know the initials of the poet, R.F. but would love to be enlightened if anyone has further information.


Feel free to use this card for your personal art 🙂 Enjoy!

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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