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Easter Greetings With Cherub Portraits 1908

Look at these amazing Easter cherub portraits! I have worked with the portraits in Photoshop to give you those as png files (transparent background).



I can think of so many ways to use these, and I hope you can too 🙂 How about revamping that ordinary tumbler cup Vintage Style? 

Click on either of the the tumbler templates below to download or print the high resolution pdf file. There are both a blue and a pink version of the tumbler cup in the pdf, with or without the words “Love & Light” 😉 I put my name on the cup I made for myself, and you can too, if your Adobe allows you to enter text onto pages 😀


Just earlier this week, I was looking for vintage style paper with Easter print, preferably cherubs and eggs… I did not find any, and ended up crafting with some completely different paper… had I only scanned these litte darlings first, I would have known they are sooo perfect for that paper I wanted… I might have to redo that project now… 😛 Click on the paper below to download or print the high quality pdf file:


In case anyone is interested, here is the tile I created for the pattern. It can be loaded directly onto your desktop, side by side for a seamless Easter pattern, or assigned as a pattern in Photshop and you can use it anywhere you please:


The original postcards have the portraits on a serene landscape backdrop, and a soft grey background, and those gorgeous flower eggs making up the little frames. They are so cute I could cry 🙂 The Pink Darling has lots of open space, would be well suited for crafters wanting to add a personal touch, or mix the card with other media. The Blue Darling even has 4 little lambs and springbearing pussy willows 🙂EasterGreetingsWithPinkFlowers_WingsOfWhimsyEasterGreetingsWithLambs_WingsofWhimsy

Feel free to use these files for your personal art and enjoyment 🙂

Photoshop Patterns used for the Tumbler Cups and Vintage Paper:

Cupcake Photoshop Patterns – by photoshop stock

Random 2 Photoshop Patterns – by photoshop stock

More Stripes Photoshop Patterns – by photoshop stock

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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5 thoughts on “Easter Greetings With Cherub Portraits 1908

    1. Thank you Dear! A very Happy Easter to you too 😀 Please let me know if you are planning any more Linky Parties, I would love to join, if you’ll have me and my cherubs 😛

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