Cherub Rose Heart Wreath Stationery

Yesterday's postcards really inspired me, so I have been working on a special gift for you, featuring this pretty darling: This little cherub got me thinking, how about creating beautiful stationery? So here it is, a set of 4 cards (prints well on a little heavier card stock) letter sheet and envelope (prints well on… Continue reading Cherub Rose Heart Wreath Stationery


Die Cut Pink Flower Heart & “Peace Be Within Thee” Poem

Ah those beautiful Die Cut Cards! Here is another one from my collection, this one with a romantic couple. Maybe this card would be well suited for a wedding invitation? Look at the pink flowers making up the heart frame, embellished with gilded leaves and berries!  Click on the image for high quality PNG file (transparent… Continue reading Die Cut Pink Flower Heart & “Peace Be Within Thee” Poem