Sheet Music

Cupid’s Dream Waltzes Sheet Music 1898

I’m working on a very crisp and thorn piece of sheet music, but OH so charming!!! I simply HAD to purchase it “back when”, although it is far from mint condition. So far from it, that I have been dreading even handling the poor darling… But today I felt courageous, so into the scanner it went! And here is the cropped version. 



I have not cleaned the whole piece, somehow I think it adds to the charm that it is worn&thorn, I believe someone must have treasured it dearly! But I did work on elements, here is how they turned out:




And if you click on the image below, you can have the raw original file too, with the edges litterally going back to nature. At least it has been digitalized for us now, to keep forever dear!


The files are free for personal use and enjoyment. This is a VERY RARE piece! So rare, that when I try a google search, the images are no where to be found online!

Love & Light

Gunnvor Karita

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