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Cupid’s Dream Waltzes Sheet Music 1898

I'm working on a very crisp and thorn piece of sheet music, but OH so charming!!! I simply HAD to purchase it "back when", although it is far from mint condition. So far from it, that I have been dreading even handling the poor darling... But today I felt courageous, so into the scanner it… Continue reading Cupid’s Dream Waltzes Sheet Music 1898

Norwegian · Postcards

Clapsaddle Cherubs – Fröhliche Pfingsten 1905

Although Pentecost is early this year, it is still over a month left. In Norway we celebrate according to the Gregorian Calendar, which means Whit Sunday is on May 19th this year. Only one of the cards I present today have a reference to Pentecost, "Fröhlicher Pfingsten" is German, it translates into "Happy Pentecost". These… Continue reading Clapsaddle Cherubs – Fröhliche Pfingsten 1905

Norwegian · Postcards

1er Avril 1908 – Gorgeous French Cherubs With Fish

Ah, April 1st, SPRING is finally within reach 😀 In Norway we still practice the traditions of fooling friends and family on this day. I did not manage to come up with any pranks this year, but the idea always makes me giggle.  Of course there are cherubs also for this particular day 🙂 The… Continue reading 1er Avril 1908 – Gorgeous French Cherubs With Fish