Ladies & Cherubs 1914

Two more lovely ladies are joining us today, with their whimsical little cherubs, working to arrange some love… Oh how I wish our modern day life would be this magical and this romantic!

Lady&Cherubs3_WingsofWhimsy Lady&Cherubs4_WingsofWhimsy

Since my free printable collage sheets are increasingly popular, guess what…: I whisked one up for you with these two, and yesterdays Edwardian Ladies and their cherubs too:LadiesWithCherubs_WingsofWhimsyDownload Printable

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂


PS! The last two cards will also be included in the upcoming DIY-project, so stay tuned in the next couple of days 😉

3 thoughts on “Ladies & Cherubs 1914

    1. Thanks for visiting. I would love to have my pictures on your site, it complies perfectly with my Wings of Whimsy ideology, to make the world a better place with our small contributions 😀

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