French L’Amour Fan & Stationery – Free Printables

A shabby chic living room, veranda or party must have vintage style fans during the summertime! Here is one I have designed for that purpose. Using an absolutely stunning French heart postcard as background, I have created an easy to cut and assemble fan. My French L’Amour fan also builds on the inspiration of the last few posts with fans: A Gift of Love fan and Customizable Cherub fan, but the cutting process is simplified by the easy shapes.

Wings of Whimsy: French L'Amour FanWings of Whimsy: French L'Amour Fan - back assembly


Download Printable

Individual fan leaves as png files with transparent background, can be found HERE, should you wish to add these to your digital creations.

While working on my prototypes, I have built up quite a number of fans, in various sizes and designs, to arrive at the ultimate style for this post. That got me thinking, I would like to actually gift some of these fans to friends and loved ones. So I used the french heart postcard to design an envelope too, that will fit the fan inside:

Wings of Whimsy: French L'Amour Fan and Vellum Envelope


And a sheet of writing paper, in case I did not want to write my message on the back of the fan:

Wings of Whimsy: French L'Amour Fan, Vellum Envelope and Sheet of Writing Paper


Wings of Whimsy: French Heart Envelopes, on vellum and plain 80g paper

I really love the envelope, particularly when printed on vellum! I’m sure printing on parchment will look equally good. If you don’t have access to such fancy paper, it still looks great on plain 80g paper 🙂 So I printed a few extras for my stationery drawer, and realized a smaller card would be a great addition, for just a quick note or greeting, thus I have made a C’est La Vie card as well:

Wings of Whimsy: French C'est La Vie Cards and Vellum Envelope


So there you have it, a complete line of free printable stationery, complimenting my French L’Amour Fan 🙂 Click on the images of the stationery printables, to open individual files and download them there. These could be used for your everyday correspondence, or for invitations or thank you notes. Include a fan in the French L’Amour snail-mail and your recipient will be thrilled to recieve your letter 🙂

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment.

All the images used for these designs come from earlier posts on Wings of Whimsy.

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24 thoughts on “French L’Amour Fan & Stationery – Free Printables

  1. I am starting a very small boutique. I am very much a novice at this pursuit. This are so darling. I would like to share copies of your wings of whimsy at my boutique. Can I make copies and give it out for free and make a couple for display? Your info would be on it. Kinda free advertising for you. Thank you, Terry

    1. Hunny, this is so exiting 😀 😀 You may even sell the ready made fans if you wish 🙂 All I ask is that you direct people to my site for the original file 😉 I’d love to have a little “logo” with the blog address on the back of the fan, if you will do that I can make a sheet for you, so you can just print it out and attach one to the back. Also, you may use the stationery set the same way if you wish, maybe they could be made up with 10 envelopes, a few cards and writing papers, nicely tied into a cute bundle, and you could attach the logo to the ribbon? Also, I am of course more than happy to have both our logos on your handmade products 😀 Mine can be tiny-weeny, and you can add a nice & big one for yourself…lol! If there are other of my creations you’d like to use, please send me a list, and I will check if there might be copyright issues for each specific item, since I often times use elements from other sites. However for this fan and stationery set, every single piece is mine, and completely designed by me, so for these I can tell you ok right off the bat 🙂

      I look forward to hearing from you again!

      Gunnvor Karita 🙂

      1. Thanks so much. I will be working on this next week and get back to you. I have no problem with the logo and blog address on the back of the fan etc. Its going to be GREAT! Thanks, Terry

  2. P.S. Do I just use regular white card stock for the fans? If you would like, you have my email address, you could send the backs with your logo for the fans, stationary, etc. I’ll take photos when I get done and share them with you……Thanks again.

    1. I will make a sheet of little tags you can attach 🙂 I was thinking to make them circular, do you have a 1 inch circle punch? If you do, that is the size I’ll go for, that way you can just print the sheet and quickly punch a pile 😉

      I printed my fans on photo paper and glued them to cereal boxes before I assembled. I used mod podge back when I did this particular fan, but I have since taken to a “secret weapon”: spray glue! I know it’s a little pricy, but when you are crafting a lot like I do (and I suspect you do to…?) it is a great time saver, and it dries (well enough) in a couple of hours, rather than mod podge that I would have to leave over night, and often times there’d be air pockets that needed repair when I started cutting. Not so with the spray glue, so that is definitely improving my production 😀

      1. I can do the 1″ hole punch for the tags you mentioned. On the stationary, I’m thinking printing it on back would be way to go. Actually, I am out of town for a few days, but, as soon as I get back I’ll be working on the project.
        This is the first time for me to be on your website. You have lots of great stuff here. I didn’t realize you were so far from the US……cool! By the way, my new shop is called, “It’s All About Cute”, It’s located in Vancouver, Washington.

      2. Sounds good 🙂 I’ll see if I can make the tags tomorrow or Thursday, but I’m following a course for work this week, so I have longer days than usual, thus less time to spend on the puter at home…lol! But I think you will have them before the weekend.

        You can probably save some ink and wear on your printer if you don’t print it on every single item, but if you want your own logo on there anyhow, I agree that is wtg. If not, I can make 2″ or 2,5″ tags that can be attached with the ribbon? If you decide on one tag per set rather than printing on the back , we could even co-design a REAL hang tag, vintage style and all… my creative juices are already flowing 😀 lol!!

        Also, if you are looking for any type of specific products, like a party set or cute garden decorations, I’d love the challenge!!! Nothing inspires me more than bouncing ideas back and forth. I’ve been thinking about a monthly feature here on WoW, where I’d be offering my design-service, tailored to a specific want or need. If I can get that idea going, I was thinking maybe to do a monthly contest of some sort where the winner would “win” my service. Would you like to start me off doing that? How about something cute for Easter? I’m finishing my Valentine project any day now, so I’ll be all ready to start thinking Easter and Spring very soon 😉 If you want to do this, you can of course craft the items and sell them, but I want to be able to post the project here and share the printables for free like I usually do 🙂 Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in for your boutique 😀

        Btw: I googled your shop name, but I could not find it, probably it is so new there is nothing online? Please let me know if/when you set up a web-page, I’d love to see it. Already the name promises something fabulous 😀

  3. I’m Finally home and ready to go. I was down in Southern California visiting my sister. I hit lots and lots stores, hunting for deals, also. It was crazing packing suitcases with all that I bought and then getting on a plane. And yes, I am just starting out and I mean starting out. I have bought lots and lots of stuff to sell and things to put them on but, have not even painted the inside walls yet. My husband has an office in a shopping center. His office faces one way, but has some empty space in the back, that faces a pretty well traveled street on the other side. There is a massage place next door, so, women are already in the area for that. I am going to do the basics to get in and open. Then I am going to work on the details, like cute drapes, fake window panes etc. My husband has a real “knight in shining armor” that he is letting me use to put outside the shop. So, no, I haven’t even thought of a website, but, thanks for looking.
    As far as future projects, I am open. I am just a novice, though. I have my hands full right now, but, will let you know my needs as I go along. I am also thinking about opening a space in another location, so, lots to do. The reason I contacted you in the first place is because I want to give out free stuff. I want to keep them coming back. I think you feel that way also. Even though, I am a ER trauma nurse, and love helping people, I have decided to go part time and do my first love. I became a nurse because it was practical and good money, but, being creative, shopping for deals, decorating is my first love. So far, it has been so fun. I am having a blast, really. I was single too with 5 kids. I recently married the most wonderful man who is very supportive. So, now that my kids are out of the house, I can do some of the things I want to do.
    Bought some vellum last night and working on your stationary today………….

  4. Well, lots of learning is already taking place here, while making the vintage fans. Although, I have a hp photo printer and printer paper just sitting around my house, I have never used it. So, I have already learned that the photo paper goes shining side up, to take the photo out of the printer before the next one starts, and that it takes awhile for the photo to dry……ha. What size do you use for your fans. On my printer, it printed the size of the 9 1/2×11 paper, so there are huge. Those can go in my display window, but, that size will never fit the cute envelope you have.

  5. Update: when I just printed the fans, it printed it out at 168%. I changed to 100% and now I think that is probably closer to size you were thinking.

    1. I printed 3 fan leaves to one A4 page. If you want, I can quickly make you two printable sheets? Since I made these, I’ve stopped making the pdf’s like I did here….:-P

  6. Update #2: Well, I was having trouble copying the fans because I had the wrong photo paper for printer. I got the spray glue and used white poster paper for the back. It finally looks fabulous! After I had the right stuff, it went a lot faster…… They are darling. My husband doesn’t totally get it, but, oh well. Thanks

    1. Sorry for the belated answer :-O I’ve been following a course for work this week, and been totally exhausted in the evenings… barely had energy to post the pre-made posts I had written up for this week…lol!

      I take it you have resolved your printer-issues? Please let me know if you still have any questions for me re the printing?

      I also have not had time to create the tag-sheet for you, hope you will not be delayed if I do this tomorrow or during the weekend?

      Don’t worry about the husband, these things are utterly feminine and guys will never get it…lolol!!!

      Gunnvor Karita

      1. Yes, the fans came out great! I told several people about them. Don’t worry about the tag-sheet for now. I still want them, but, get to them when you get to them. My plan have changed and it is going to take longer to open. I’m now planning for March, so I am looking for St.Patrick and Easter things now. The office I was going to get is occupied by an employee of my husband’s. He said he would move to another office, but, then, he recanted. Even though my husband could have him move out anyway, I did not want that. So, in stead, we are knocking out a wall to make room for my shop. It will be better than the original plan, so I’m happy.

  7. I love this! I will use for my birthday in January Nª 60 as one of the souvenirs. The party will be vintage, mint green and baby pink colors, so it is perfect for me. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Jeanne 🙂

      The download button works as it should here, I’m using Chrome as my browser. Please let me know what browser you are on, so we can try to reconstruct the problem?

      Gunnvor Karita 🙂

  8. I want to thank you for providing such beautiful printable and all for free too! You are so talented! I want to ask what you use for the pin which is at the base of the fan? Thanks a lot.

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