“A Gift Of Love” Free Printable Double Gift Tags

I have experimented with loads of gift tags found via Pinterest, and I find that they all come out too thin, unless I print on photopaper and glue the print onto thin cardboard… I have a stack load of different ones ready made this way, to use when needed…

But how about creating a tag that one can just print, cut and use? No gluing, no delays? So I have come up with the idea of a double tag! When printed on card stock, this tag gives me the right feel 🙂 In addition I can use the inside for my personal message, and have t-w-o pretty designs on the outside 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Double Tags

If you don’t mind thin tags, you can cut them apart and have twice as many single tags from each sheet, or glue the single tags to thin cardboard if you are like me and want them a bit sturdier and “heavy”… but do try my double version first, you might agree with me that these could work – freeing up time to complete even more diy-projects…;-)

Wings of Whimsy: Free Printable Double Tags - free for personal use Wings of Whimsy: Double Tag Sheet

Download Printable

You can choose 5 small tags or 2 large tags per page.

These files are free for personal use and enjoyment 🙂

I have used the following elements for this design:

Cupid’s Dream Sheet Music – Wings of Whimsy

Pink Flower Frame – Wings of Whimsy

Girl With Sweet Face – The Graphics Fairy

Ornatique Font – Media Font


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