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Love Me 1914 – Pink Roses Sheet Music

Imagine the rules of dating 100 years ago… I’m not sure that I can. But I’m utterly fascinated by the romance and longing of the era, surely they were products of their time, but still!

In addition to letters and postcards, music must have been a way to ponder the dreams. Today I am posting the stunning piece of Love Me 1914 sheet music for you, with pretty pink roses in a heart shape and a beautiful green frame. Print & frame for instant art!

LoveMe_WingsofWhimsyWould this not be great for an invitation to a garden party, a wedding or even afternoon tea in the rose garden?

LoveMeInvitation_WingsofWhimsyI used the free fonts Eccentric Std and Sverige Script Decorated to create my example invitation. Here is the “blank” page for you to create your own invitations, vintage birthday card or whatever else you can imagine using this piece for:


And finally, here are the musical notes as well, if you want to try playing the piece for your sweetheart, or want to use the notes for crafting 🙂

LoveMe_WingsofWhimsy-2 LoveMe_WingsofWhimsy-3 LoveMe_WingsofWhimsy-4

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂


PS! I can’t seem to display the jpg-files correctly on my computer today, although I have uploaded the same way I always do… so I have compiled all of the above pages into a pdf, in case this is a problem for any of you guys too:

Download Printable

5 thoughts on “Love Me 1914 – Pink Roses Sheet Music

    1. Thank you Dear 🙂 Please remember to let me know if you are looking for anything particular, I love a good challenge 😉 Enjoy your weekend, may it be sunny and warm, maybe in a rose garden?

  1. Thanks for nice post. sheet music just like a book; musicians could read sheet audio to visualize a musical composition, and the sheet music might be played out loud as a book can become read aloud

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