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My Papa – from Duke

Fathers Day is falling on different days around the world. In Norway we celebrate Fathers Day on the second Sunday of November. But perhaps the largest celebration of Fathers Day falls on the third Sunday of June, which this year is next Sunday. Canada, China, India, UK and US are all celebrating next Sunday, in addition to many other countries. A full list of when the different countries celebrate Fathers Day can be found here: Father’s Day dates around the world.

How about a little crafting for Father’s Day? If your country is celebrating on a different date, I’m sure this sweetie won’t mind waiting until then, or even would be happy to be used as a greeting for your dad “off season” πŸ™‚ Is she not gorgeous? This is one of the thousands of scans found in the digital library of Duke University. She can not be used for resale of any kind! But personal use, for a gift of love to the dads across the world, should be fine.

My Papa Is Going To Buy Me A Pair

The quality of this vintage trade card for shoes is not the same as the scans I usually provide for you. But I have increased the size a little on the blank version I made for you, if you want to add a personal sentiment, or maybe your dads name:


I think she would make an awesome front cover for a double card, just as she is, with lots of space to add a written note inside the card. But I would love to see what other cards you creative peeps are able to design with her. I’m sure she would fit in a variety of different frames, and other digital ephemera and embellishment would compliment her clean and soft look.

I also think this sweet innocent girl with folded hands would be wonderful with a proverb of your choosing, not only for Father’s Day, but for any day of the year. πŸ™‚




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