Cherub Love Bookmarks

If you are like me, you’ll be reading something during the summer. I love old books & new books, and I’m usually reading several at once… and were are my bookmarks when I need them? Better restock on bookmarks…;-)

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Love Bookmarks - free for personal use

Pamper yourself (or someone you love) with a set of new bookmarks for the summer!

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Love Bookmarks - free for personal use

These pretties can either be printed on heavy cardstock (mine was 270g) and cut apart for 6 single bookmarks, or print on thinner paper (I used 130g paper), score along the guideline before cutting apart, and glue the cherub’s cutiepie torsos together for 3 double bookmarks.

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Love Bookmarks - free for personal use

Look below to see how I cut the single bookamarks, for them to attach easily on top of the pages:
Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Love Bookmarks - free for personal use

Want to send bookmarks by snail-mail to that someone special? I have posted a matching stationery set before, grab the free printables HERE 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Love Letter Stationery Set - free for personal use

The file is free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cherub Love Bookmarks

  1. Hi

    I’ve found out how to download the PDF’s, click *file*, *open in google docs *, then choose *download as*, not all downloads come up with the google docs option though.

    LOL Stephanie

  2. Hola! me encantan estos marcadores para libros que me son de mucha utilidad. Pero me pueden decir por que cuando imprimo algo de ustedes me sale en la impresion unas rayas horizontales? y aunque todo esta muy bonito eso arruina todo.

    1. Hello Dear 🙂 I don’t really read Spanish, but I used google translate on your message, and if I understand it correctly you are having problems with horisontal stripes on this printable… I have no idea why you are having this problem, and I have tested this particular download both on my own computer (a mac) and on my daughters pc at home, as well as my pc at work, and both printers (at home and at work) and this problem is not appearing for me 😦 Please try another printer, and let me know if it still happens? Unless you mean the middle red line, which I added on purpose as a guide to fold the sheet in half when making double sided bookmarks…? xoxoxo

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