1908 Cherubs With Floral Hearts And Doves – Free Printable Collage Sheets

I can’t believe I have not posted for over a week! And no new cherubs for ages 😦 Well here are a few!! Cute winged cherubs and fairies, tending gorgeous floral hearts, surrounded by doves. Roses, forget-me-nots, daisies and pansies… and all pastel colors, it’s almost overwhelmingly pretty 😀

I told you before, I enjoy trying to complete sets, and I never know if I have all in a set,  but I think this set must have at least most of them 🙂

So TWO collage sheets for you today:

Wings of Whimsy: Cherubs With Floral Hearts And Doves - Printable Collage Sheet I - free for personal use

Wings of Whimsy: Cherubs With Floral Hearts And Doves - Printable Collage Sheet II - free for personal use

Download Printable

I am also very sorry to tell you that it looks like I can no longer upload the full 600 dpi images for you 😦 I am quickly running out of storage space, and I am not prepared to pay for extra storage space 😦 So until I can come up with a free solution that works, all I can share is the pdf to my google drive. The images should still be in very good resolution, suitable for most crafting purposes, but you might not be able to print them poster size anymore…:-P Click on Download below the preview to get individual images.

Download PrintableThese files are free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂


14 thoughts on “1908 Cherubs With Floral Hearts And Doves – Free Printable Collage Sheets

  1. Hi Gunnvor Karita

    These open in google docs and download OK from there. I’m having problems with french silk papers but it may be the internet was busy, so I’ll try them again later.

    LOL Stephanie

    1. Hi my name I see Mercedes

      I like one of your images. I have a business Angelic Candles Creations
      And I like the first image for my lables and put my name in the space.

  2. Postcards from this era are so sweet they make my teeth hurt! They just have to make you smile. I really like it when there is something kind of “off” in the postcards. These are really great!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I have seen one here and one there, but never 8 at the same time 🙂 I think most people that know these cards probably are not even aware that there are so many variations! Hours and hours of browsing ebay…lol!

      1. Well, you have found something fun to buy on EBay! There are loads of postcards – prices all over the place. I bought one that seemed kind of simple and sweet. When it arrive I realized it had a portrait (black and white) photo of the sender in it. Very nice and very sweet – but nobody noticed how “personal” it was. I liked that.

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