Cherub Die Cut Corset Ribbon Cards – Free Printable

I have hoarding tendencies. Paper, cardboard, stamps, ink, paint, glue, fabric, yarn, buttons and of course ribbon. I can’t even cut a tiny piece of silk ribbon out of a new t-shirt or sweater, without saving it.

I have seen many lovely vintage printable cards for lace and embroidery thread, and I have downloaded some for Β my studio storage. But I needed a few that could be used for my primary storage, that usually sits right on my desktop (that is until I get around to organizing it for long term storage) so I came up with the idea of printing out Victorian corsets! The shape is perfect, and I sized them to a medium size, ideal for wrapping bits and pieces πŸ™‚

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Corset Collage Sheet - free for personal use #vintage #victorian #printable

That Dr. Warner sure did a great job on those Coraline Corsets. And adding the little cherubs to the trade cards of course makes them irresistible to me πŸ™‚

I didn’t want the backsides to be blank, so I revamped a Coraline Corset ad with some red color. I printed just one whole page with the ad, glued it to the back of my cardboard, before cutting out the corsets.Β 

Wings of Whimsy: Red Coraline Corset Ad - free for personal use #vintage #victorian #printableΒ I have raided Boston Public Libraries on Flickr for these images, and they are altered by me to fit my purpose tonight.

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Corset Ribbon Cards Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Corset Ribbon Cards, flip side Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Corset Ribbon Cards - My youngest showing the real size

I also took a picture of another of my frugal ribbon projects, that I have not published before. I’m considering redoing this project, but have not decided yet… please let me know if anyone is interested in details on the project, and I’ll redo it and design printables with free graphics for you.Wings of Whimsy: Spools - unpublished project

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment.


9 thoughts on “Cherub Die Cut Corset Ribbon Cards – Free Printable

  1. I just love them I have made some this morning but do not know how to show you them Hugs and thanks Pat P.

    1. I’d love to see! Maybe you can send me phots by email? If you click on my avatar (my image at the bottom of all posts) you will be redirected to your email software. Then you can attach the images there? xoxoxo

  2. I love your vintage labels. I paint & decoupage bottles and your labels will look perfect on them. Thank you for being so generous:)

  3. Hello. I recently started making wrap necklaces to sell online and have been looking for some type of “card” to wrap them around for when I mail them to customers. These cards are beautiful. I see you have them for personal use only, but would I be able to use these to wrap my necklaces around? Please let me know. Thank you very much!

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