Somersault Locomotion 1887 – Animated GIF file

Those 1887 photographic plates by Eadweard Muybridge of Animal (human) Locomotion are really worth studying! Those were the days! Imagine being that adventurous photographer pushing the frontiers of knowledge! Wow, it blows my mind. 

Wings of Whimsy: Running Somersault 1887 -  animated GIF file - free for personal use

Here is another handsome male specimen, demonstrating a running somersault. I have cut the first two frames, to make the GIF a looping sequence, but you can see them on the Boston Public Library on Flickr – original plate.

And Leaping Frog Designs has again provided a beautiful album mat frame. I am almost imagining this to be olympic with the torch and leaves! Well fit for our acrobatic Victorian hero 😀

Another fascinating male for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂


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