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Art Recreations 1871 – 50 Printable Bookpages for Creative Crafting

Have you ever come across those crafts that require the use of “old bookpages”? Being the creative crafters that you are, I’m sure you have… I have loved so many ideas: papercones, photomats, giftboxes, stationery, banners, tags… using those old bookpages as starting points for creative crafting of all sorts.

But of course I don’t have any old books to rip asunder!!! What a shame it would be too, even if I did have books like that, I’d probably be framing the pages rather than cutting them up…:-P

I have of course figured out a long time ago, that I would need to scan pages from a book, and print them for these types of crafts. Or find an old book already scanned that I could use. I have browsed through loads of old books on the internet, and found a page here and a page there, but not really an entire book that had several pages I liked… until now!!!

“ART RECREATIONS being a complete guide to pencil drawing, oil painting … moss work, papier mache…wax work, shell work…enamel painting, etc. by Madame L.B. Urbino, Henry Day, and others” has loads of wonderful pages, just perfect for all those crafts that require old book pages 😀

Here are a few samples of the bookpages, the complete download has lots more, 50 pages in total:

Wings of Whimsy: Art Recreations 1871 - 50 Printable Bookpages for Creative Crafters - Sample I - free for personal use #vintage #victorian #ephemera Wings of Whimsy: Art Recreations 1871 - 50 Printable Bookpages for Creative Crafters - Sample II - free for personal use #vintage #victorian #ephemera Wings of Whimsy: Art Recreations 1871 - 50 Printable Bookpages for Creative Crafters - Sample III - free for personal use #vintage #victorian #ephemera

Download Printable

I have edited the PDF-file to keep only the 50 best pages (removing approx 300 pages from the book). Thus my edited PDF-file is now ready to print. You can print the whole shabam and have a pile of “old bookpages” ready to go, or pick only as many pages as you need 🙂

If your printer does double sided printing, or if you feed the sheets a second time, you can also easily have prints on both sides of the pages. Try to print these as large as your printer will let you. Plain 80g paper will be fine, but I suggest 100g or 120g paper if you want to make envelopes or other crafts where the paper is to be handled and “felt” later.

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂


PS! If you actually want to r-e-a-d the complete book, click on the book title to find it on Open Library 😉

10 thoughts on “Art Recreations 1871 – 50 Printable Bookpages for Creative Crafting

  1. Such extraordinary pages! Some of the best eye candy I have seen. Even if I never used this paper, I just had to download it! I love the illuminated capital letters especially! Thank you so much for sharing, made my day extra special, Marilyn.

    1. I agree! I can not take credit for the beauty of these, they are absolutely remarkable! All I did was arrange them in one easy file to use…lol

      The Open Library (where this book is found) has countless old books, but it takes patience, patience, patience to browse through it for the real treasures, like this one! Many antique books were scanned 4-5 yrs ago, when the equipment was poor and the knowledge to use it even worse… That said, there are some absolutely wonderful scans available to download, so BIG thanks to the librarians preserving these digitally for the world!!!

      Take this book here, for example, every page is perfectly aligned and cropped! I would be the first one to congratulate on the workmanship with scanning and editing, I recognize the countless hours put into achieving this kind of results. I’m a little sad that the person who did this is not recorded, thus there is modern artistry involved… lol

      I have one more book, with colored pages almost ready to post, so stay tuned if you need more book pages…:-D

    1. Thank you, I can only take credit for finding the book (I must have searched close to 100 antique books online, and believe me, that is not entirely a chore…lol) and for selecting the 50 best pages 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀 I hope to be able to post my second great find soon, illuminated pages in color from a Victorian bible! But I ran into some problems with the file size, still working to get that sorted…:-P

  2. Wow! These are just wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your collection of beautiful images with us on a regular basis.

    1. Thank you Barb for those kind words! I love to download free vintage stuff myself, so the least I can do is give something back to the worldwide community of crafters and art-lovers 😀

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