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On this very last day of 2013, I am very, very proud to announce a new Category of posts here on Wings of Whimsy: Reader Projects I can not fully describe how it makes me feel to see my vintage scans and whimsical designs customized and used, all over the world, but I can say… Continue reading Featuring: Reader Projects


1912 A Happy New Year – free printables

Here comes the third New Year's Cherubs Collage Sheet: And here are the individual postcards: I also took the time to create a little Cherub Frame with the French Cherubs & Roses: I have used pictures of the beautiful and famous actress of the Edwardian Era, Lily Elise, to show you some examples on how… Continue reading 1912 A Happy New Year – free printables


1908 Wishing you a Happy New Year – free printables

I've been deep-diving in my albums for some vintage & festive New Year's postcards 🙂 I am going to present 4 new cards each day, for 4 days, for a total of 16 cards before New Year's Eve. Collect and print them all for a New Year's Garland, or pick your favorites for other types… Continue reading 1908 Wishing you a Happy New Year – free printables

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DIY Upcycled Christmas Crafting

The cards have been delivered, the tags and embellishments ripped off the gifts, and paper is torn off every present. For a creative crafter, this is resource-HEAVEN! I always pay attention to every package my family has opened and ask to save the best pieces instead of them going in the trash. So I'm going… Continue reading DIY Upcycled Christmas Crafting

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1892 Frances Brundage: Sweet Choir – free printable

Look at this absolutely stunning little choir! The amazing artist Frances Brundage painted this for a 1892 die cut calendar. I have made it my Christmas gift to all of you, my beautiful readers. In December there has been over 500 daily views on Wings of Whimsy! I am very, very honored that so many… Continue reading 1892 Frances Brundage: Sweet Choir – free printable

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DIY Vintage Children Christmas Ornaments

There is still time to create a few vintage ornaments and slip them fresh off your craft table onto your Christmas tree: When I found these Christmas Greeting Cards, I fell completely in love! They were not on my To-Do list for this years celebration, but I simply had to make the time! My ornaments… Continue reading DIY Vintage Children Christmas Ornaments