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Bottle Caps Vintage Embellishment – free printable

Since I used bottle caps for my Snow Cherubs, I have been thinking a lot about what a wonderful a resource bottle caps really are. These are a few of the bottle caps I have made for decorating my Christmas gifts:

Wings of Whimsy: Bottle Caps Vintage Embellishment - free for personal use #printable #ephemera

You can use both upcycled bottle caps, and if you go wild with them (like I have recently), you might want to grab a bag of new ones in a store that carries supplies for wine and beer making… I got 100 bottle caps for 34 kr (approx §5,50).

Wings of Whimsy: Bottle Caps Vintage Embellishment - free for personal use #printable #ephemera

The bottle caps in these pictures are the upcycled type. I painted them 2 coats with pure white acrylic paint. I did not bother to paint the inside, I think the effect of the “leak” kinda looks like snow 😀

I then sandwiched the twine between one bottle cap and one paper circle of the snowflakes, with hot glue (I am indeed addicted to the stuff, it makes crafting so quick and rewarding…lol) If you want to do an even quicker version of this idea, you can also sandwich the twine (or ribbon of your choosing) between two paper circles. I have looked e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e in the craft stores in my local area for a 1 inch circle punch, I k-n-o-w they exist, but not here… So my circles are cut by hand, the old fashioned way with shears and patience… pure therapy, I tell ya 🙂

I’m not doing any Christmas shopping this year. My friends and family will either be getting little home made treats or cash (maybe with a pair of socks or something small) so this is how I plan to wrap all my gifts 😀

Wings of Whimsy: 1 Inch Christmas Circles - free for personal use #printable #freebie #ephemera #vintage

Grab a high quality copy of the printable 1 Inch Christmas Circles here:

Download Printable

The file is free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂 Btw: the tag in the picture can be found here:

Wings of Whimsy: Fisher Girls Christmas Tags - free for personal use #printable #ephemera #collage #sheet

I have used the following elements for these designs:

Faux Snow Font –

Cherubs and various graphics – The Graphics Fairy

Cherubs – Zibi Vintage Scrap

Robins – Tuck DB

Cherubs and various graphics – Wings of Whimsy


12 thoughts on “Bottle Caps Vintage Embellishment – free printable

    1. Enjoy! I hope you will use them, for gift wrapping, or some kind of Christmas decorating 🙂 I’ve been busy making ornaments with some of mine, hope to take some pictures later and post here 😉

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