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DIY Vintage Bottle Caps Rings

I used my free printable 1 Inch Christmas Circles for pretty seasonal rings. And the girls made a few too, theirs were embellished (as usual) with beads and glitter…:-D

Wings of Whimsy: Bottle Caps Rings - DIY - with Instructions

I wore the darling little Robin to work before the weekend, and got lots of compliments 🙂 I’m looking for some of that epoxy-stuff to fill on top of the paper, to make it withstand water better, and also I think it would create a nice 3D-effect.

But these rings take about 5 minutes to make, and the materials are almost free, so why not make a bunch and just glue a new graphic on top if the old one is damaged?

Wings of Whimsy: Bottle Caps Rings - DIY - with Instructions

The bottle caps in these pictures are the store bought type, but upcycling used bottle caps would work too!!

Here are the supplies I used, I forgot to include the hot glue gun in the picture:

Wings of Whimsy: Bottle Caps Rings - DIY - with Instructions


  1. Get your supplies ready: Hammer, push-pin, bottle cap, 1 inch paper circle, fishing line, beads AND plug in your hot glue gun.
  2. Use a push-pin and a hammer to pierce two holes in the bottle cap. Put something underneath, so you tabletop is not damaged. With a push-pin (rather than a nail) this is surprisingly easy to do!
  3. Cut approx 10cm of fishing line (mine is 0,7mm thickness, you could probably go even one size thicker)
  4. Thread the line through one of the holes and clasp it with your fingers to the bottle cap, while threading beads to the other end. Adjust the number of beads according to their size, and the size of your finger.
  5. Tie a granny knot (double knot) and cut off most of the fishing line ends, be ready with your glue gun at this point, as fishing line is quite slippery and will unwind if you work too slow…
  6. Work fast here: add a good lump of hot glue, and quickly press the paper circle on top. The hot glue will melt the fishing line into the bottle cap and the paper, and seal the knot, thus making the ring construction very durable! 😀
  7. Embellish as you please.
  8. Cover the image with mod-podge or spray varnish to protect it.
  9. Optional: Add epoxy resin (like I’m planning as soon as I can get my hands on some).

If you don’t fill them with epoxy resin, these bottle caps rings can be uses as basis for any kind of rings you want to make 😀 I will show you more alternatives after Christmas, but for now they have to be s-e-c-r-e-t 😉

The original post with the 1 inch circles I used for these rings can be found here:

Wings of Whimsy: 1 Inch Christmas Circles - free for personal use #printable #freebie #ephemera #vintage

Grab a high quality copy of the printable 1 Inch Christmas Circles here:

Download Printable



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