Reader Projects

Featuring: Reader Projects

On this very last day of 2013, I am very, very proud to announce a new Category of posts here on Wings of Whimsy:

Reader Projects

I can not fully describe how it makes me feel to see my vintage scans and whimsical designs customized and used, all over the world, but I can say it touches me deeply, and makes all my hard work worth it for a whole new set of reasons! I’d be designing and crafting for myself and my friends & family regardless of this blog, but I now put extra effort into my designs to make them worth sharing, easy to understand and printer-friendly. It also takes a lot of time to take and edit the photos I use here, and to manage all the different files and uploads I need to operate.

So it means a lot for me to know that others are enjoying my work, both through your likes and comments here and personal emails. And to really boost my inspiration, some of you have been kind enough to send me pictures of how you have used my designs! I love it, and I hope this will only be the first post in line of featuring Reader Projects 😀 

This also makes it very clear to me, that on this last day of the year, I want to dedicate my post to my readers, to thank you, all of you, for visiting! Just tonight this blog passed over 50.000 views, I think that is pretty amazing for a very small and fresh blog 🙂

  • Thank you for all the likes: Harbin, Elephant and Araneus: what would I do without you!
  • Thank you for all your comments!
  • Thank you for your emails!
  • Thank you for downloading my images and printables and using them in your own art!
  • A very special thanks to Gopi who “discovered” my blog and started sharing my creations on Free Digital Stamps!
  • And last but not least: thank you Megan for your inspiration, feedback and encouragement!!

Ammey used my frame/scroll for this lovely Christmas Paper: (click on the picture to see her lovely blog, lots of freebies too!)

Ammey's Christmas Paper

I do not know where Ammey is located, but I see her blog is in English. Could be UK, US, Australia or a really anywhere in the world… Ammey: if you are reading this, I’d love to know where you are at 😉

Sil in The Netherlands crafted some of my Christmas Cones, and added gorgeous personalized embellishments! I have received these images on email, so there is no link attached to them:

Sil's Christmas Cones Sil's Christmas Cones Sil's Christmas Cones

Delia Beatrice in Argentina used almost half my Christmas Village to create a snowy & cute display (click on the image to visit her blog):

Delia's Christmas Village

Jutta in Germany has worked through several of my projects this Holiday season, and she also has a wonderful blog with many of my fave things gathered in one spot: creative paper crafting, crochet, Tilda-projects and her very own blog-cat. I might have to start taking pictures of my two cats also in 2014, it adds such a personal and lively charm to her site 🙂

Jutta's Christmas Village

Jutta's Christmas Village

Jutta's Christmas Cones

Jutta's Christmas Cones

Jutta's Christmas Cones

She used my French Christmas Cherubs combined with Rosettes: (gave me the idea to create my printable Rosettes!)

Jutta's French Christmas Cherubs & Rosettes

And look: I can recognize my designs in Juttas gorgeous versions on her Christmas Tree:

Jutta's Christmas Tree

I think these wonderful crafters have done so well with my basic stuff! I really, really appreciate seeing how the ideas are used, developed, and bouncing ideas back and forth! That is why I share for free in the first place 😀

If you use any of my images or designs in you art, I would love to see. You can either post a comment here on the blog, or email me @ I hope to be able to add to the new category “Reader Projects” on a monthly basis throughout 2014 😀

Best wishes to all of you

for a prosperous, creative and happy New Year!


PS! Here are links to my posts related to the featured projects:

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