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Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks – free printables

I have gathered some fun Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks onto 4 different collage sheets for ya’ll today πŸ™‚ They are from the years 1903-1904 and some most of the celebrities are completely unknown to me!

I think these would be fun to use as bookmarks, print the backing and send them as postcards, or use them as tags for a bookgift (or any kind of gift!) or in mixed media crafting.

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera, #bookmark #reading #printable #freebieWings of Whimsy: Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera, #bookmark #reading #printable #freebieWings of Whimsy: Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera, #bookmark #reading #printable #freebieWings of Whimsy: Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera, #bookmark #reading #printable #freebie

The bookmarks are aligned so they should print exactly in the middle of the paper. I also made a back side, so you can run your 4 sheets of fresh Celebrity Bookmarks through the printer a second time, and have perfect little bookmark-postcards:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks Postcard Backsides - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera, #bookmark #reading #printable #freebie

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies πŸ™‚

Download Printable

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I have used the following elements for this design:

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 1 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 2 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 3 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 4 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 5 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 6 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 7 – Tuck DB

Celebrity Bookmarks Set 8 – Tuck DB

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Gunnvor Karita

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17 thoughts on “Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks – free printables

  1. Wow, I don’t recognize any of these folks, and I’m a history geek! These will be fun to use, and fun to research. Thanks!

    1. Hiya Robin πŸ™‚

      At first glance, I thought many of the names seemed familiar, but after scrutinizing them now, I’m left with only Maude Fealy that I know of for certain…lol! I also believe either Olive or Edna May rings a bell, but seeing that there are two different May’s weakens my memory…:-P

      These were celebrities of the stage, and the cards were sold in Great Britain, if that helps…

      Have fun exploring! Even if these Celebrities are totally unknown in Norway, I love the style of these cards, and plan to use them for some mixed media crafting πŸ˜€


    1. Dear Terry!

      How thrilled I am to be “meeting you” finally! Thank you for following my blog all this time, when it was still very new and very few followers πŸ˜€

      Yes, fame is a short lived thing. Yet I believe many of these Celebrities probably had a longer career on stage and more fame in their day than most current actors.

      I also did not think much of the fact that I did not know many of them, due to them being British. I’m sure none of you know any Norwegian stage actors from the turn of the century…lol

      Hopefully the British readers may remember a few of these, and enlighten the rest of us about their merits?

      I am also following a blog dedicated to Gabrielle Ray, and although she was not in any of these bookmarks, (I think maybe she was a few years later than these) it goes to show that some of the celebrities indeed are remembered and treasured still. Check it out:

      Gunnvor Karita

      1. I was hoping that at least one of them might have kept going into the silent film era [an area of interest to me] but no.
        Love your stuff, glad we finally got to chat.

  2. The bookmarks are wonderful, do you do special orders, or sell anywhere online? I would be happy to arrange payment with Pay Pal, or whatever you suggest.
    I would like to have just one of the bookmarks,,, the one with the 5 women in hats, it is on the third download. I could use this one for my girlfriends gift packages and letters. I would ask that the page be filled with just that image. I am very willing to pay you for your time.
    Thank you !
    It would be a cute envelope.

    1. haha, I will take no money! I will fill a sheet for you with the bookmark you like πŸ™‚

      Do you want a fitted envelope to the bookmark, or just the image on any envelope? I can make whatever you perfer, and I LOVE a challenge like that πŸ˜€

      1. How sweet of you to be willing to do this. Thank you. I do not have the computer skills to these things myself. I would love a sheet filled with the women with the hats, I would then be able to glue them to envelopes and boxes.
        The same image on any envelope would be wonderful. If you did it with a white background it would save ink.
        Your creative ability is just wonderful, I have printed a few things and they came out good. Thank you so much for being so nice and giving.

        Blessings in your day,

      2. I already uploaded the sheet with 8 of the same bookmark last night, but I was too tired to complete the envelope…:-P I did start making one, and it will be up later for you, so keep checking πŸ˜‰ xoxoxo

  3. Thank you sweet Gunnvor, I just found the ladies! I am going to print some right now.
    I am so grateful to you. Joy in your day!

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