Vintage Valentine’s Hearts – DAY 2

I've been collecting Vintage Valentine Hearts since 2008 🙂 They are so beautiful!!! I had some Paper Heart Doilies that are just the right size for these 🙂 I sandwiched my heart doily in between two hearts, and also tucked a white silk ribbon between the layers before I glued them together with my hot… Continue reading Vintage Valentine’s Hearts – DAY 2


Vintage Valentine’s Hearts – DAY 1

My kitchen is completely full of the Valentine Circus, so no more room there for Valentine Decorations. But I need something romantic for my living room... hm... I wonder... YES! Cherubs & Hearts, of course!!! 😀 I cut mine out, and used a craft knife for the finest details. I then added paper lace trimming,… Continue reading Vintage Valentine’s Hearts – DAY 1


1908 Cherub Skies – free printable

One more set of Valentine Cherub postcards from my albums today 🙂 I think the pastels on these are absolutely gorgeous, and would love for them to inspire some cute Valentine crafting! I have named them Cherub Skies, since these pretty darlings are airborne with their whimsical love: Here are the individual cards in low… Continue reading 1908 Cherub Skies – free printable

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Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks – free printables

I have gathered some fun Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks onto 4 different collage sheets for ya'll today 🙂 They are from the years 1903-1904 and some most of the celebrities are completely unknown to me! I think these would be fun to use as bookmarks, print the backing and send them as postcards, or use them… Continue reading Vintage Celebrity Bookmarks – free printables