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Vintage Love Song Borders or Tape

Did you miss me lately? I have not been away from crafting, but I have had to choose easy projects…

Lets see, I have crocheted an Olympic hat for my youngest, made some darling ornaments with some scraps and my new edge-punches, crafted a wire crown and started crafting my first feather tree (made the wire part, still need to attach the feathers), crafted a wire display-thingy currently in use for some of my Celebrity bookmarks, crafted fabulous ribbon-boxes, sewn book covers for about 10 different books and binders, AND started a few projects that I’ll be posting about here little by little… including today’s post: Vintage Love Song Borders 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Love Song Border - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #sheet #music #printable #border #tape #freebieWings of Whimsy: Love Song Border - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #sheet #music #printable #border #tape #freebie

I designed these borders with LOVE for my friend Sheri. She just mailed me her package has arrived (to Cananda) so here they are for all of you to share:

Wings of Whimsy: Love Song Border Pink - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie Wings of Whimsy: Love Song Border Pink - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie

Wings of Whimsy: Love Song Border Sepia - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie Wings of Whimsy: Love Song Border Sepia - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie

Download Printable

These borders can either be used as shelf borders, I have a couple of long shelves where I can display the whole song, or you can roll them up and use them for gift wrapping or crafting later. You might also like my idea of attaching double-sided tape to the back of them, before you roll them up, that will give you a complete Vintage Love Song on tape… get it…? lol


  • Choose which song you like
  • Print both pages of the song
  • Cut the strips apart
  • Attach each strip to the next in the order of the strips with a narrow (6mm) piece of double sided tape
  • Use an edge punch, or a pair of edge trim scissors to the bottom side of the border
  • Optional: add wide (18mm) double sided tape to the back if you want tape
  • If storing for later: Roll it up, and secure it with a piece of string or ribbon
  • Or roll it onto an empty tape spool and secure it with a piece of string

Sheri: Did you open your little rolled up borders yet, and discover they are complete Love Songs…? 😀

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I used the following sheet music to design these two Love Song Borders:

Drop A Line To Cupid – Wings of Whimsy

Harbor Of Love – Wings of Whimsy

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Gunnvor Karita

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Love Song Borders or Tape

  1. Wow æ klarte endelig å knø mæ på pintrest å se på tavlene dine… gosh der va det mye fint du…. korsen har du fått tid til alt det.

    Fikk igjen pc min idag med ny hardisk og vifte så nå kan æ begynne å samle igjen og no lagre æ alt i dropbox(nettsky) og ekstern harddisk.

    Og jippi… fant mesteparten av filene digien og bilder æ trudde va tapt på jr’s eksterne harddisk… så no e de ekstra tatt vare på

    Sliter med søvn og e derfor oppe midt på natta… stilt og rolig over alt…

    Drøm søtt videre..

    Ska kose mæ og titte igjenom alt du har på Pintrest… blir spennende..


    1. Hei Merethe 🙂

      Godt å høyre du har fått fixa datatrøbbelet, og at mange bilder klarte seg 😀

      Eg er vel litt av ein Pinterest-junkie…lol! Og så ser eg aldri på tv 😉

      Ha ei strålande helg!

      Goklem frå Gunnvor 🙂

    1. OMG! That sounds perfect for the borders 🙂 And now you can also make more, should the supply run out…lol!

      I’ve put some borders on my own shelves, and I recommend backing them with double sided tape…:-P I only put a tape here and there on my borders, and it looks like I’ll have to take them down and enforce the tape-regime…lol

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend Hunny!! xoxoxo

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