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The Vintage Sewing Room Project – Part 2 of 3 Free Printables

Meet “Ingeborg”, my new Vintage Style Dress Form, dressed up in pretty Tilda fabric and wearing my Huldresølv gilt silver heart brooch:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - DIY Miniature Dress Form and Sewing Kit Jar #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie

I have named her Ingeborg after my blog friend in Holland, who inspired the making of this lovely lady. Together with Sheri in Canada, we share a Vintage Mixed Media board on Pinterest, that we use to bounce ideas back and forth, and this idea came rushing in on me like a lightning bolt…lol! So I was out and found a pattern within minutes and sewed her in about 1,5 hours the same night. Of course she has to be named after my pinspirational friend, whom I consider her fairy godmother 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - DIY Miniature Dress Form #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie

If you don’t already know the Norwegian designer brands Tilda and Huldresølv, they are both well worth checking out, just click on their names below (no affiliation, I just recommend them because I love them!).

This post also includes some of my recent vintage thrift finds: the crocheted red-blue-white doily on the table, the vintage tart tins for the candles, and of course the vintage glas jars, “Norgesglass” a type of jars all Norwegians are totally familiar with, much like American Mason jars. I used one plain and simple for my sweet Cherub Corset Ribbon Cards:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - DIY Sewing Kit Jar #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie

For the other I crocheted a lid cover, and improvised a pin cushion to go with it, then filled some sewing bits into the jar, making it a Vintage Sewing Kit in a jar 😀 The timble (barely seen in the back) belonged to my grandmother, and the scissors were my mothers. And my youngest daughter helped make some of the pins on top, with pretty beads and glue gun:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - DIY Sewing Kit Jar #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie

Here is a picture with the part 1 Vintage Pin Wheels, and a sneak peek of part 3 in this series, the Vintage French Lace & Thread Album, also in Tilda fabric, complimenting “Ingeborg”:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - DIY Miniature Dress Form & Sewing Kit Jar #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie

To reward you for reading this whole post, there is of course a printable for you all today as well, this time pretty French “Au Serpent” Ribbon Cards. I used mine for some embroidery floss. I just tied the unopened skeins with a little twine in the back, the others are wrapped in the usual way. They are displayed on yet another of the thrifted finds, a small hand embroidered tea cloth:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - DIY French Thread Cards #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Sewing Room Project - French Thread Cards #vintage #ephemera #sewing #printable #freebie


  • Print on cardstock
  • Fold right down the middle
  • Glue to a piece of thin cardsboard, cereal boxes are the perfect thickness (I used my secret weapon for instant gratification: spray glue!)
  • Cut out with sharp scissors
  • (You might prefer using an exacto knife for the smallest details)
  • TA-DAH: instant French Sewing Vintageness

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy 🙂

Download Printable

And here are some links for you to check out, if you too feel inspired:

DIY Vintage Mixed Media – our Pinterest board

Tilda (of Norway)

Huldresølv (of Norway)

Tutorial and pattern for “Ingeborg” – The DIY Dish

Crocheted Jar Lid – Karp Styles Crochet & Knitting

Au Serpent Thread Cards – Feutrine et Petites Croix

Cherub Corset Ribbon Cards – Wings of Whimsy

Wings of Whimsy: Cherub Corset Collage Sheet - free for personal use #vintage #victorian #printable

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12 thoughts on “The Vintage Sewing Room Project – Part 2 of 3 Free Printables

  1. These are great. I see these working well in the sewing cases from Fanciful Utility (my book on sewing cases)

      1. *Blushing*
        I do have a book out. (Another is out of print.) Fanciful Utility shows how to make an assortmentof Victorian needle-books and sewing cases based on originals and original illustrations. It was oodles of fun to do. There are two box type cases that love goodies like your winders. Now, I want to make an uber fun one to nest your cherub corset winders in.
        I’ll check out the earlier winders.

  2. WOUW I´m totally in love with Ingeborg, she´s such a beauty, and would be sooo perfect for sooo many different things, I think. You did an amazing job on all of these things here Gunnvor. You are such a clever bunny.

    1. Thanks again Dear Maryann 🙂

      I was planning to save part 3 for tomorrow, I was just working o the draft… and before I knew it I had pressed “publish”…lol So know you have all 3 parts of this series 😀

  3. I love your dress form Gunnvor and there are some great ideas on your Pinterest board. Definitely going to try the Tea Party in a cup idea. I was thrilled to see some of my own work pinned on your board – thank you for that and also for the lovely ribbon cards. Margie x

    1. Margie dearest, I must have read through most of your blog, I think your stuff is pure awesomeness…lol!

      I’m looking for the right kind of book to try out your tutorials, will surely share with you if I can make it work…lol 😉


  4. Naaaaaaaaaaaah Gunnvor! That is so sweet of you to do! Now you have my face red all over lol! My cheeks are always red anyway, but now……….. LOL! That is such a lovely pinholder! You really have been such a busy bee and are so good in these things. Really pretty! All of it! I love the combination with the thrifty doilies. It makes me think of my grandmother so much! Those ribbon cards will find their way to my printer, definitely! Thank you so so much for all the beauty you share and for honoring my name! Big hug!

    1. Hunny, you planted the idea, so it is only reasonable that you get due credit for the result 😀 I also did not feel like she was complete, somehow… it took me a couple of days to figure out why: she lacked wings, of course!!! I have now given her wings, and she is perfect 🙂 I will upload a new picture next time I bring the camera out to shoot 😉 xoxoxo

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