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DIY Vintage Easter Peat Pots – Free Printables

I’ve been obsessing over Peat Pots lately! They are so promising of spring, both by appearance and fragrance, and I love the prim, worn look of them. Furthermore, they are really cheap to buy, and offer amazing texture for all sorts of artistic whimsies 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Peat Pots #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easter

I must admit I have crafted more than a few of these for Easter, thinking I’ll gift some to friends and family too 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Peat Pots - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easterWings of Whimsy: Easter Peat Pots - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easterWings of Whimsy: Easter Peat Pots - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easterWings of Whimsy: Easter Peat Pots - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easter

These are the largest peat pots I could find locally. I would love to get even larger ones for more projects later, they’d make wonderful gift baskets for any season 😀

I was struggling with this project because I wanted to keep and enhance the rough textures. When I printed my graphics on plain paper it covered the texture totally. I then tried printing on tissue paper, but even that covered the texture and looked way to smooth… I was almost giving up on my initial idea, when I decided to try printing on paper towels:

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easter

The paper towels have the perfect texture for this project, actually adding even more roughness to the final look 😀

You know how I love easy projects, and usually tell you I spent 10 minutes or maybe 1 hour…? This is not one of those projects… 😛 Not because it is difficult at any point, but because there is a lot of ink, paint and glue involved that must have time to dry between operations…:-P

I have an ink jet printer: Canon Pixma MG 6150, and I need to take several precautions to be able to mod podge my images while minimizing the ink bleed. Your printer ink might cooperate better, and if so you can complete this project in a lot less time! In case your printer ink is also troublesome, try following my steps and see if that works for you too 🙂

Estimated time: 3-day project/weekend project (approx 2 hours per day).

Supplies: Peat pots, white acrylic paint, a roll of white kitchen paper towels, mod podge (decoupage medium), sealer or hair spray, 3-4 sheets of plain printer paper, strong coffe or tea, 7 cm polystyrene eggs, kleenex paper tissue, gesso, skewers. (Scissors NOT allowed on this project)

Tools: your printer, brushes for paint, gesso and mod podge, paper shredder



  • Push your egg onto the pointed end of a skewer
  • Crumble one layer of tissue paper hard together, then open it carefully, without removing the crinkles
  • Mod podge the tissue paper onto the egg, you can use the skewer to hold it and avoid getting glue on your hands. The idea is to get a rough and textured surface, resembling paper maché.
  • Set aside to dry in a vase or can, carefully so the eggs are not touching each other.
  • (Because of the crinkled tissue paper, the mod podge will be very wet, thus need longer time to dry!)
  • Stain your plain printer paper with coffee or tea
  • Set aside to dry.


  • Paint a layer of gesso over your eggs
  • Set aside to dry (at least over night)
  • Run your stained paper through a paper shredder. I have a darling little manual one, the kids love to hand crank paper sheets into those wonderful even curled strips.
  • Paint your peat pots with a rough layer of white acrylic paint, I painted both the inside and outside. I used a very dry brush and carelessly painted a little here and there letting some of the pot show still. If your brush is too wet, the paint will not stay on the outside of the pot.
  • Set aside to dry.
  • Use a roll of good quality paper towels.
  • Tear off one sheet, and bring out your ruler to take precise measurements (my paper towel sheets are 140mmX212mm)
  • Create a custom sized paper in you printer settings and choose manual load
  • Don’t separate the layers of you paper towel sheet before printing
  • Print out the pages, I sat right next to the printer and fed only 1 paper towel sheet at the time, to avoid printer jam.
  • On most pages I had small drops of spilt ink, but the more accurate you define your printer settings, and manage to feed the paper, the less spills.
  • Let your sheets dry over night. (if not your ink will bleed when you start mod podging)


  • Spray the graphics with some sealer, hair spray will do if you don’t have craft sealer on hand (to avoid bleeding)
  • Carefully separate the layers of each paper towel sheet, you want only the top layer with the graphics on it
  • Spray sealer on the back side of the graphics too (my sealer take about 5 mins to dry, hairspray even less)
  • Tear out the graphics with a generous white border around each one (don’t cut them out or you will have the sharp edges on your finished project)
  • Apply mod podge to the peat pot where you want to attach the graphics, and attach it with light finger pats.
  • Work quickly here: apply mod podge over the image with a brush, I do the white edges first, then go from lightest to darkest colors.
  • Rins your brush with water between each graphics!
  • Repeat the process with the egg stamps.
  • Shorten the skewer if your peat pots are small like mine, to about 10cm
  • Lay a small handfull of shredded paper into the pot
  • Tuck the egg-on-a-skewer in the shredded paper, the skewer will easily let you control how your egg sits on top of the paper.
  • TA-DAH: Hard labor Easter Vintageness, but the end-result is greatly rewarding!!

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter  Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter  Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter  Wings of Whimsy: Easter Scraps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easterWings of Whimsy: Easter Egg Stamps - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter

Go to the folder below to download high quality printable files, and to check out the Easter graphics I posted last year:

Download Printable

These file are free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂 The egg stamps are various transfer images from Karen at The Graphics Fairy. Karen also has the wonderful graphics I used to decoupage my little Easter Box, displayed with more thrifted finds; 2 figurines and a little star doily:

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easter Wings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easterWings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - free for personal use #vintage #printable #scraps #ephemera #freebie #easter

I have used the following sources for this project:

Egg Stamps – The Graphics Fairy

Easter Chicks in Egg Cart – The Graphics Fairy

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14 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Easter Peat Pots – Free Printables

  1. Hvor er de bare cute, og især de små lam og kyllinger, dem kan jeg ikke ret godt stå for, må jeg indrømme. Der er bare noget over små påskelam og påskekyllinger, der gør mig helt blød om hjertet ha ha ha.
    Hvor er dine dekorationer bare blevet flotte, men det var også et stort arbejde at nå dertil kan jeg se, men nogle gange er det bare værd at gå de ekstra skridt for at nå det ønskede resultat.
    Há en rigtig god ugre forude.

    1. Tuuusen takk Maryann 🙂 Jeg strevde med dette prosjektet i flere uker, fordi jeg absolutt ikke kunne bruke mod podge på mine utskrifter uten betydelig farvesøl… men jeg fant jo en løsning til slutt 😀 Det er bare så deiling når noe man har strevet med faller på plass! Det kommer mere i morgen, så følg med…lol! xoxoxo

  2. I am over the top excited about this project! Thank you so much. This should be on Martha Stewart! I can’t wait to start this project.

    1. Thank you sooo much Dear Paula 🙂 This is perhaps a project for the more experienced crafter, since you will have to be confident in utilizing your printer, but really there is nothing difficult other than that, it just requires a bit of patience…:-) I get lots of compliments about my peat pots, and I’m definitely going to make more for other seasons/ shabby chic style 😀

      I guess Martha has her own designers coming up with projects…lol! But I’m thrilled about the compliment, I can envision how popular it would be… hehe. Now instead: you get to do a totally unique project, that will remain a secret to most crafters 😉

      Good luck, please don’t hesitate to write me if you run into any questions, and I’d love to see pictures of how your project turn out!

      Gunnvor Karita

      1. YOu have beautiful images and projects. Thanks for sharing the images! May I say that printing on paper towel can be modified a bit to guarantee results? Instead of feeding the paper towel sheet directly into the printer (it can jam or leave fibers inside), tape or glue the paper towel to card stock and then print on it. Remove the paper towel from the card stock once the ink is dry. There is even a youtube video on it if you search for “printing on paper towel”. Good luck.

      2. Thank you for the lovely comment Rupa 🙂

        I have tried various ways of printing, and with my Canon printer attatching sheets to cardstock does not work. It is a rather expesive printer, and it is very sensitive when catching the sheets, so when I tried tissue and paper towles taped to cardstock, it catches only the outer layer (the tissue or paper towel layer, and wrinkles and jams… so a far mor certain way of chrashing it…lol

        But I started out trying that, since that was what came up when I looked for advise…:-P

        This post is to share that you can indeed print directly onto paper towels if you make sure the printer settings are exactly the correct size. I have done the same thing printing onto tissue paper, the trick then is to cut the tissue paper exactly to A4-size 😉 xoxoxo

    1. Dear Bev!

      When I said a weekend project, I only meant because it takes time to dry the pieces… I think 1-2 hours per day would be enough 🙂 You can also save some time on using printed bookpages or sheetmusic pages for shredding, just remember to print on both sides, so you don’t have a white side…lol

      Also, check out the next post after this one, where I’m cutting yet another corner, by omitting the printing-on-paper towels-part (that migh be a little intimmidating…?)

      I’m sure you can do it, and that you’ll enjoy the end result as much as I do 😀

      Gunnvor Karita

  3. Thank you for sharing, very thorough instructions. Do you have a shop in Etsy? if not, you should, I bet you would sell a lot of your lovelies

    1. Awww, that is so sweet of you to say! I do not have a online site. One of my goals for 2015 is to build up a stock, so I can offer my crafts at a couple of local craft fairs in the fall…;-) Not sure I could handle running an Etsy store, I might be too whimsical to do that, next to my full time day job, I mean. But a couple of craft fairs does not seem too intimidating…lol! xoxoxo

  4. Such a sweet easter @project! I used my samsung printer and am equally thrilled with the outcome. Thank you inspiring and providing all the info. I love all your ideas from the christmas houses to valentine circus!

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