DIY Easter Peat Pots

Did you enjoy my Vintage Easter Peat Pots yesterday? But frown upon printing on paper towels, thus dismissing the idea?

Don’t worry, I have the solution for you to simplify the project:

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - #diy #napkins #easter

Decoupage with any pretty napkins you have laying around the house 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - #diy #napkins #easter Wings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - #diy #napkins #easter Wings of Whimsy: Easter Decoupage - #diy #napkins #easter

I also cut out some tags from corrugated cardboard, and gave both them and some wooden clothespins the same napkin decoupage treatment as the peat pots.

There’s still a few steps with paint and glue, so this project will take a little time, to allow the drying between operations.

Estimated time: 3-day project/weekend project (approx hours per day).

Supplies: Peat pots, corrugated cardboard, wooden clothespins, white acrylic paint, napkins, mod podge (decoupage medium), a few sheets of plain printer paper, strong coffe or tea, 7 cm polystyrene eggs, kleenex paper tissue, gesso, skewers, feathers.

Tools: brushes for paint, gesso and mod podge, paper shredder, scissors



  • Push your egg onto the pointed end of a skewer
  • Crumble one layer of tissue paper hard together, then open it carefully, without removing the crinkles
  • Mod podge the tissue paper onto the egg, you can use the skewer to hold it and avoid getting glue on your hands. The idea is to get a rough and textured surface, resembling paper maché.
  • Set aside to dry in a vase or can, carefully so the eggs are not touching each other.
  • (Because of the crinkled tissue paper, the mod podge will be very wet, thus need longer time to dry!)
  • Stain your plain printer paper with coffee or tea
  • Set aside to dry.


  • Paint a layer of gesso over your eggs
  • Set aside to dry (at least over night)
  • Run your stained paper through a paper shredder. I have a darling little manual one, the kids love to hand crank paper sheets into those wonderful even curled strips.
  • Paint your peat pots/cardboard tags/clothespins with a rough layer of white acrylic paint, I painted both the inside and outside of the peat pots. I used a very dry brush and carelessly painted a little here and there letting some of the material show still. If your brush is too wet, the paint will not stay on the outside of the pot.
  • Set aside to dry.


  • Carefully separate the layers of your napkin, you want only the top layer with the graphics on it. Anything on a white background work well for these, because the white dries clear and lets the peat pot/tag/clothespin peak through 🙂
  • Apply mod podge to the surface where you want to attach the graphics, and attach the napkin.
  • Apply mod podge over the napkin with a brush.
  • Shorten the skewer if your peat pots are small like mine, to about 10cm
  • Lay a small handfull of shredded paper into the pot
  • Tuck the egg-on-a-skewer in the shredded paper, the skewer will easily let you control how your egg sits on top of the paper.
  • Embellish with feathers or whatever you fancy.
  • Sand the edges of the clothespins to remove excess paper and to roughen them a little.
  • Display your decoupage art on a shelf, as a table centerpiece, or hang them like mine as a garland 😀
  • TA-DAH: Easter Cuteness Complete!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Easter Peat Pots

    1. Thanks again Hunny 🙂

      I’ll for sure be making more peat pots, I have a big batch “in painting” thinking I can later work on 2 or 3 whenever I feel like it 😉 xoxoxo

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