1908 Holy Easter Angels – free printables

I’m so sorry to have been almost neglecting the blog lately, but I have been busy with my masters thesis that is due in May, and still needs a lot of work…:-O

Here is a set of Holy Easter Angels for you, to make up for my temporary absence:

Wings of Whimsy: Holy Easter Angels - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter

Look at the beautiful pastel colors, the floral decorated crosses, and all the spring flowers: lily-of-the-valley, forget-me-not, narcisuss, apple blossoms and roses! I’m not sure what the pink flowers in the two top cards are, please post a comment if you have suggestions!

I hope you will find good use for these pretty angels in your crafting, maybe they can be used as cards again, or to decorate around the house?

Here are the low resolution individual cards:

Wings of Whimsy: Holy Easter Angels - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter Wings of Whimsy: Holy Easter Angels - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter Wings of Whimsy: Holy Easter Angels - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter Wings of Whimsy: Holy Easter Angels - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #printable #freebie #easter

Go to the folder below to download the high quality collage sheet, and to check out the Easter graphics I posted last year:

Download Printable

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂 

My registered followers will find the individual cards in 600 dpi in the Exclusive folder 🙂

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7 thoughts on “1908 Holy Easter Angels – free printables

    1. Thanks a lot Lou Anne 🙂 It is exciting, now that I finally have a plan for the thesis…:-P It has been due for several years, and I’ve been struggling so hard with it, there were some logical problems I could not work out… until I threw out the whole thing in December and started over…lol xoxoxo

  1. You certainly don´t need to excuse anything for us, we all know, that life sometimes gets busy with other things too, and we´ve all been there many times too, so ofcause we understand. And we ofcause want you to get the best degree you can get, so please don´t worry about us, but concentrate on your master right now, then we´ll get whatever we need from you later, I´m sure. Right now your master is the most important in your life, and I really hope for you and your hard work, that it´ll be a really great one, and I´ll definitely cross everything possible for you and look forward to hear, how it all went, when it´s over, but I am very sure, it´ll go just fine from what I know of you, so nothing to worry about hun okay.
    Thanks sooo much for these beauties here again, and don´t worry about anymore for us, until your master is home, then we can celebrate with a good one okay? ha ha ha
    Best of luck and please write, if there´s anything WE can do to help you for once.

    1. Awww, that is so sweet of you dear Maryann 🙂

      I’m not going to stop posting here until the end of May, but it might be less regular during this time… I am always using crafting and designing as stress relief, so the best you can do for me is to keep following, and keep commenting when you see stuff you like 😀

      If I were to o-n-l-y think about the thesis the next two months, I’d go crazy for sure!!! lol


  2. These angels are so beautiful. I would love to have them but for some reason, I cannot download them. I have registered to follow your site. You have some wonderful images. Thank you for your help.

    1. Thank you very much Peggy 🙂

      Try this to download the collages sheet:
      1. Click on the download button below the image, this will open the download folder
      2. Click on the image in the download folder, this will open the image on a black background
      3. Click on the arrow in the bottom right corner of the black background window to download

      If this does not work for you, please let me know on what step you run into problems, and what browser you are using?

      Gunnvor Karita

      PS I have sent you a personal email about the Exclusive images, they are shared only with registered followers 😉

      1. Thank you, Sweet lady. I got your email & am enjoying looking at all the beautiful images. Thank you so much.

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