A Thank You Note & Gift

My masters-thesis is done and was delivered on deadline yesterday. 😀 😀 😀 It is out of my hands now, I just have to wait for the results 🙂

Some of you have been aware of me being in the final stages of this work, and I wish to extend a personal sincere “thank you” to so many, but being quite exhausted with the ordeal, I am going to do it here!

Sheri: Thank you sooo much for your fabulous emails during this time. Although I have not been able to answer all of them like I normally would, your spirit and joyous notes always make me feel great and like I can tackle anything 😀

Obie: Thank you for all the research you have been doing on Lise and Rasmus! With our e-mail correspondence, I feel I have made a new friend and look forward to talking to you soon! Our correspondence has been great stress-relief during this time 😀

Dianne: You brought spunk and action back into my life! I have enjoyed tremendously all the work you have done with mapping out the lives of Ingeborg and her descendants, and the personal interest you have taken in bridging my life in Norway with the lives of Ingeborg’s family in Minnesota. Please know that our correspondence has been much needed breaks in my work!

Maryann: Thank you for several notes encouraging me about the thesis, it sure has been a struggle, and every little note has counted to help me reach the end! I will now do major spring cleaning, and then I intend to start creating my studio, I hope to include you in the planning…lol

Ingeborg: I know you have been through a bit of a rough patch yourself lately, and please know that I’m thinking of you every day! I received your a-m-a-z-i-n-g gift by snail mail, and I have had it in front of me these last days of the thesis, as a reminder that there is LOVE out there for everyone, it’s just not always in your immediate surroundings. (Ingeborg’s gift will be presented soon in a separate post here on WoW )

Susanne: you made this happen! Without you giving me the opportunity, I would have failed again! I owe you so much for believing in me, and allowing me to reach a goal I had almost given up on!!!

Oddfrid: I am fully aware of what my thesis has cost our family lately, and I am very sorry about not being a stronger sister for you, but this was my very best, poor as it may be. I promise I will try my best to make up for the lost time in the weeks to come!

Laura Lee: Thank you for coming into my life, I am very grateful we have found each other, and I feel like we are connecting over the miles. I can’t wait to meet your son Jeff, and to learn more about our American relatives 😀

Helen: You have been my devoted cheer leader, my shoulder to cry on and my rock to cling to over the past 5 years. If you were a man, I’d ask you to marry me…lol! I hope we will have plenty more joy and fun and excitement down the road, you deserve it, and so do I 😀

I’m still very tired from the work, but I hope this at least gives you an idea on how much you all have meant to me! I will also rush to say that I’m sorry there was no posts on WoW these past weeks, I just had to focus my entire mind on the thesis, and doing a little genealogy research was the only fun I allowed myself on the short breaks. I am back now, and look forward to posting here again, I have several fun projects planned for ya’ll 😀

To all of the above, and to all my wonderful readers here on WoW:

Thank you, I love you all!

Please accept these pearls as my thank-you gift:

Wings of Whimsy: Chiostri Mermaids #vintage #ephemera #tags #mermaids #freebie #printable

In my mind these tags are perfect for gluing to thin cardboard (cereal boxes), cutting out and then crocheting along the edges.

Or maybe use crepe paper, paper doilies or punched edge borders to create a lining/frame?

You can of course print them and use as is, too 🙂

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment. My followers will find individual tags in the Exclusive folder 🙂 Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy:

Download Printable

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18 thoughts on “A Thank You Note & Gift

  1. Oh my, I´m soooo glad to hear, you finally made it, and I hope, you could feel, I´ve had you in my thoughts almost every day here lately, as I wasn´t sure what day was the deadline, but I´m so proud of you, that you made it to the end. I know, it´s been a struggle and a huge lot of work, but now it´s all over and done with, and as you said, out of your hands, but no worries, you´ve done just fine, I´m sure, so now please just take a little time of and enjoy it just for you and your family. I´m sure, you all need that. I can´t wait to see you get on with your new craftroom, and if I can be to any help at all, I would love to do anything I can to help, that´s for sure, so please just ask me for anything, you think could be to any help okay.
    I definitely look forward to see and hear more from you now, but totally understood, you had to concentrate, and I really admre, that you had the guts to do this and sooo proud, you´ve made it to the end. Thankls soo much for these awesome tags here, I have just an idea for them already, that I´ll try out, as soon as I just get over this crazy week-end we have ahead here right now, but then things should ease quite a bit here again too, so hopefully we´ll get to chat a bit more after that.
    Now spend a wonderful week-end with your precious family and just relax and have a lot of fun okay .
    Biiig warm hugs from here, and well done dear friend.

    1. Tusen tusen takk for alle de fine ord kjære Maryann 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the lovely words 🙂

      I am indeed very relieved to have completed it. It has been an extended ordeal, haunting me for almost 5 years…:-O I’ve been ready to tackle it several times, and each time life has forced me on my knees. So to finally make it is a small miracle, and even this time it did not happen without a major cost. I’m slowly starting to look forward again, and make plans beyond May 22nd…lol! Right now my poor washer is squeaking with the task of cleaning non-stop to catch up on a mountain of laundry…lol And you don’t want to hear about the “findings” I just had to throw out from them beeing neglected in the girls’ rooms the last month…:-P

      I always thought my strenghts were the focus on details, combined with a creative ability to see the big picture, so even now, looking back, I wonder why this thesis was such a struggle for me to complete. But, I will forever have the VICTORY it was to do it, rather than to give up 😀 And that is surely an important life lesson 😉

      I’m hoping to involve you in the planning of my new studio, when I get around to start the project. First I need to clean the house and get sorted around here…lol When the room is empty/ready I thought I would take some pictures of it and measurements, and start drawing a setup with my ideas, for you to comment and discuss?

      Gunnvor Karita 🙂

      1. I know how you feel, and it also is a huge VICTORY to not give up on such a long term struggle, that´s for sure, and like I wrote, I feel really proud of you, that you didn´t, but it all through to the end, and like you said, it´s a major life lesson learned, that you´ll be able to use on everything through life over and over again. And now you sure deserve to spend the summer on great and fun things for YOU and the girls. And I´ll be more than happy to help you with anything I can with your craftroom project,, and even feel proud, you can use my advice in this important part of your creation, as I know, you have sooo many awesome and fantastic ideas yourself about this. And as I´ve seen more of the amazing things, you´ve already made for that room, I´m very sure, you´re cabable of creating the most fantastic room there, and most important for you first of all is, to make sure, what you´ll need and like to do in it, so all your needs can be fulfilled inthere. So sit down and find out, what do I want to do inthere and what kinds of crafts, doI need to make space for, so you can make it as usefull as possible for YOUR needs and way of working. As we all work in our own ways, then that is really important, as it doesn´t help, you have the diecutting as a center, if that´s what you do least right?, so I would sit down and find out first, what is my 10 most used techniques and work from that first of all. But we can come back to all that, when you´re ready to get started. I´m sooo exited to hear more about it, but I´m sure no matter what, then it´ll be awesome.
        Have a great week-end ahead now and lods of great fun.

  2. I am so proud of you! You deserve the best in life and your going out there and getting it! You’re a super special person and I am honoured to count to you as a friend and confidante. You have inspired me in ways that are too many to type here however just know you are thought of often.

    By the way, I sent you an altoid tin on Wednesday via airmail, should reach you in 8 days. I also had a friend of mine in Halifax take care of your other package. I sincerely hope you receive everything soon, it sounds like you may need it.

    Enjoy your weekend and we’ll talk soon

    1. Awww, thanks for all the precious words Sweetie 🙂

      I can’t thank you enough for giving me reasons to watch my mailbox…lol The local mail man has probably almost forgiven me for it overflowing on a regular basis… hehehe! I look very much forwar to receiving a r-e-a-l altoid tin 😀 I’m already considering which idea to with first…lol! xoxoxo

  3. Hi dear Gunnvor! How are you doing in the meantime? I hope you are now able to enjoy your so well deserved free time and foremost I hope that you will be rewarded for your hard work on your thesis! I cannot imagine you won’t!!! Thank you for your sweet message and i’m glad the tag did arrive. I’m sorry I had to send in such a ‘rushy’ way but you know the reason for that. Normally I take much more time and put more into my envelopes but this time I simply couldn’t. Next time will be better ok! I promiss! Things start to slow down a bit here and today for the first time I feel a bit of space to sit in my craftroom and start to organize things and hopefully find time and space to start creating too. It has been a rough journey for us both, but we’re survivors, aren’t we! We are strong vikings, haha! 😉 Have a happy weekend dear! And thank you again for your kindness and the gorgeous tags!

    1. Hello Sweetie!
      I’m so very happy to hear your beloved husband is safe at home again, and doing well! You should just allow yourselves all the time you need to recover and recharge! You are both in my thoughts, every day.

      I still feel like something the cat spat out…lol! But I’m slowly trying to get my house back to normal, and catch up on 3 weeks of laundry, and I’m finally able to wake up in the mornings without my first thought being panic…lol

      I have not been able to find much creative inspiration yet, but it will come, I’m sure! I made alphabet inchies today, my first design project after the big day…:-P

      You gift is also not finished, but I’ll get there eventually…please be patient with me 😦 I could see from your photos that the tag you made was beautiful, but to see it in real life totally blows my mind! You are amazingly talented dear Ingeborg!!! My crafty stuff is much more plain and easy 😛

      I was recently gifted two full bags of yarn. (YAY free yarn!!). Unfortunately the lady who gave it to me is a heavy smoker…:-O Any idea what I could do with the yarn to get the terrible smell out? It is so bad, I can’t even imagine crocheting with it…

      Take care, enjoy the summer season, and talk to you soon!

      Gunnvor Karita 🙂

      1. I know it´s a little late for this advice now, but it would help a lot, if you hang it outside in freezing weather, but you can try and put it in a big plasticbag and put it in the freezer a couple of hours, but ofcause be careful, when you take it out again and just leave it for a little while before touching it afterwards, but it´s common known advice to neautralize bad small, and if that doesn´t take it all, then try and put it in a airtight container, and then grab a couple of pieces of white bread and burn it completely black on a toaster and then put it down into the bag, (ofcause in a small box so it wount touch the yarn) but that process when the bread is getting to coal will continue a while after, and it is definitely absorbing any bad smell there might be. I´ve used this advice often when my kids were small, as my daughter always got sick when she was driving for a longer time, and once we just grabbed a Tupperwarebucket with lid, we had in the car, when she was throwing up, and try and smell such a bucket after 3 hours drive, when it´s been closed for, that is terrible, but this advice has always saved my bucket, so I know, it works perfectly, and afterwards I´m sure, you just need to lay the yarn outside to get the burned smell out of it, as it´s not quite as bad. Hope it can help you and many others too.

      2. Late? I just posted my question last night…lol! Thanks a lot for your advice. I’ll try to follow your various instructions, and hopefully they’ll help 🙂 Once I make something of it, the product can be cleaned for whatever little odor might still be there, but I need to remove enough of it that I can manage to use the yarn…:-P

        I used to be a smoker myself when i was young, and I still secretly enjoy fresh cigarette smell, but I really can’t take the stale cigarette smell that things will have when stored long term in a heavy smoking environment…:-(

        Off to clear some room in my freezer, for starters…lol! xoxoxo

      3. Hi dear Gunnvor, well……….. you should take all the time in the world to relax now as well, and please do no worry about sending me anything as you really don’t have to do that! When I give, I give without expectations. Of course it is sweet of you, but please know that i’m not expecting it ok! But of course i’m always patient when it comes to gifts LOL 😉 I noticed the question about the yarn has already been answered. I hate that smoke too. I can’t stand it! Now………. I must ponder about how it must feel like something a cat spat out LOL…………. it must feel very squeezed up and condensed, haha. You take it easy! I do too (as you might have noticed!).

      4. haha, it’s a saying in Norwegian, I just translated word by word and did not stop to think if you would say that in English…:-P It means something along totally crap/terrible… Now reading it today, I already forgot how terrible I felt, I am starting to feel a l-o-t better 😀 My energy is coming back, my spirit is again firing up, and definitely the mojo…hehehe You be patient girl, and good things happen to those who wait 😀

  4. To my dearest sister Gunnvor! Congratulations delivering your master-thesis!! The last year you have shared my tears, worries, laughter, ups and downs. You always “take 5” to listen and help talking me out of trouble :), even though you should have been working on your thesis… Looking at you working so hard,-inspires me a lot and it gives me courage to fight for what´s right and keep up positive thinking! You give me the best hugs ever and it makes me think i am still lovable… That is all that matters! I am so proud of you!!! Don`t ever excuse yourself to me! You are simply the best sister EVER existing and I love U! xxx

    1. Thank you Babygirl! No matter what storms hit either of us, we will always have each other. 😉 Love you loads and fingers crossed we will soon be done “waiting” for calm weather 😉 I’m confident everything we prepared this weekend, will be big steps towards bringing the ship into the shore!! 🙂 XOXOXO

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