Vintage Baby in Victorian Paper Frame

I have learned sooo much about my family who emigrated to America over 100 years ago, thanks to some of the wonderful readers here on WoW.

I was fortunate that my mother(?) had written names on many images, making it possible for us to know who is depicted. But on some of our family pictures there are no names, and today I’d like to share a nameless (for now!) baby, I’m sure the image came from America, judging by the elaborate paper frame:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Cutie - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #photo

The picture is PNG (transparent background) so it can easily be used for digital collages 🙂

Here is the complete paper frame:

Wings of Whimsy: Paper Frame PNG (transparent background) - free for personal use #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #photo

Print on rather heavy cardstock, cut out, fold it and it stands up by itself 🙂

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. I scan all my ephemera in 600 dpi. I’ll be leaving a few extra treats from this post in the Exclusive folder for Followers only.

Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies of the two versions shown here:

Download Printable

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Baby in Victorian Paper Frame

  1. Thanks sooo much again for great projects here today. This Photoframe will definitely work perfect as a cardshape too, and I also just got another idea, that I´ll try and see if I can´t get to try pretty soon before I forget it again LOL. Will let you know, if I make it work.
    And sure ofcause I´ll have time to tale a peek, so please put all your ideas in, and I´ll tell you what I think then. it´s actually almost as exiting as when I was planning my own barn here ha ha ha. The planning was almost as exiting as actually making it he he he.

    1. Thank you Sweetie 🙂 I think cardmaking is a great idea :-9 Maybe it could be combined with the fold & mail stationery too…? hm… now my head is spinning…lol

      I have started a list of activities and storage needs for the studio, but it’s probably not complete yet… It’s in our private folder 😉 Also I’m about to measure and draw the room, to get a better idea of what space is actually available… you might be surprised about how small it is, although it is the largest room in my house next to the living room…:-P will upload a drawing also when I’ve made it… still need to empty the room (hoping to to that this weekend) before I can take some “before” photos for you. Will let you know when I have them… Thank you very much for being willing to help, it helps pushing me forward to have a “partner” to discuss with 😀 xoxoxo

  2. Busy bee you are Gunnvor! Thank you for the inspiration you share, and your lovely spirit that shows in all you do.

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! I’m so happy to have completed the thesis, but only then did I realize all the other stuff I had put on hold…lol!

      I’ve been allowing my creativity to flow freely these past few days, and it is amazing how that boost my energy 🙂 I’ll see about writing you an update on our research too very soon 🙂

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