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DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags

I had fun designing my own set of Embroidered Alphabet tags today, in stead of folding laundry like I had originally planned… 😛 (Sheri: GOT does not mean what you think…lol)

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags #vintage #ephemera #printabel #freebie #diy


This is so easy to embroider, even a child could do it…;-) It took me maybe one hour to cross stitch 6 letters. I started out making the 3 letters G + O + T (since they are the initials of myself, my sister and our daughters…) but I will make a few other letters and add to the folder too. If you like these and would like your initial, please post below and I’ll move the requested initials to the top of my list 😀 Please also let me know if you have special requests to what colors you want, I can change that to pretty much anything you need 😉

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags #vintage #ephemera #printabel #freebie #diy



This is the free cross stitch alphabet I have used to design these tags, click the link below if you want a copy of it.

Here is a sample tag with the letter T:

Wings of Whimsy: Embroidered Letter T #vintage #ephemera #printabel #freebie #diy


  1. Print the tags onto matte photo paper (mine is 170g paper) or cardstock
  2. Use a needle of something sharp to pierce all the white dots
  3. The red dots are guidelines to show you the letter, they should all be covered with an X (one stitch)
  4. Embroider with floss or thin crochet thread (I used a double thread meant for 1,5-1,75 crochet needle)
  5. Glue the sheet to a piece of thin cardboard, I used a cereal box and spray glue, let dry.
  6. Cut out the tags.
  7. Punch the holes, string and hang.
  8. (Optional: embellish your tag with anything you fancy)
  9. TADAH: Vintage Embroidered Cuteness 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags #vintage #ephemera #printabel #freebie #diy  Wings of Whimsy: DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags #vintage #ephemera #printabel #freebie #diy


Wings of Whimsy: DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags #vintage #ephemera #printabel #freebie #diy

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy:

Download Printable

I have used the following source for this design:

Gift Tag Template – Lilac & Lavender

Alphabet – EMS Cross Stitch Academy

OK, l-a-u-n-d-r-y, here I come!!!

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15 thoughts on “DIY Embroidered Alphabet Tags

      1. Thanks so much for being so very quick getting back to me. Would love in either a pink or mauve colour if possible.

      2. Pink ABCDEF are uploaded. I decided to do the whole alphabet, and will continue now with the next 6 letters, and let you know when R is also done 😉 Enjoy!

      3. Ok now you are going to think me a real ditzy blond lol. But I can’t seem to find where to download the new ones? What am I missing??

      4. Hello Hunny 🙂 I checked the download folder, and they are all there… I renamed them, to make it easier to tell them apart… on the previews the stitchery guides are not very visible, but you should see it fine on the print outs 😉 Please try again, and let me know if you find them, ok? I have not uploaded T-Z yet, hope to do those tonight 😉 xoxoxo

  1. Beautiful work as usual, and always great to use tags like these to personalize a present or anything or just use as a gifttag for the present too. And if you make it a little bigger, or add this to a bigger tag too, to make it sturdier, and then decorate it, as you or the reciever likes it, then it´ll be an awesome card in itself as well, so there´s sooo many possibilities with these tags, that´s for sure. And if you then can make it in any color of the liking, then it´ll be sooo perfect for almost any use for people, who´s maybe not as kean cardmakers or those who simply don´t have a lot of time to make their own handmade cards, then this would be a perfect idea, and they can still give a nice handmade project, isn´t that pretty cool? I think it is.
    I have seen your ideas, and I´ll answer you directly in the mail hun, but I can say it´s pretty cool and I look forward to see the plans for the room.
    Thanks again very much for these and have a wonderful week-end here.

    1. Things are moving forward, slowly, but Yesterday I was supposed to fold all the laundry I have piled in the empty room, so I coul dtake before pictures… in stead I ended up designing these…lol And I promis you it’s not really a pile, it’s a mountain…hehehe.

      One idea triggers the next, so I want to design more today, can’t remember the last time I could allow myself to flutter on the Wings of Whimsy, it feels great!! 😀 I’ll notify you when I have uploaded pictures and measurements of the room 😉 xoxoxo

      1. Ha ha ha sooo nice to hear this from you, so please just enjoy that, as I think, that´s very important too, and I´m sure, we´ll all get to the othr things in due time anyway,and I know how soon the mojo can walk again, if we keep pressing it down, so it´s just nive to see the creativity floating and be able to just give in and go with it, and I know only too well, how it is too, when the ideas are in que to get out, and you almost can´t finish one before you´re on to the next, so it´s just to take the advantage of it, while it runs sooo smoothly, and I´m not going anywhere, so just do what you need to and when you need to, that´s how we all work the best. So please just have fun and enjoy the process.

  2. These are so lovely! You are definitely on a roll again lol! I wish I had that pace!! Happy embroidering dear! :-))

    1. Thank you so much Sweetie 🙂 They are super simple embroidery projects, my girls had fun embroidering the heart tags today, theirs look almost better than mine…:-P Embroidery was never my strong side, but I can do a few stitches for the unexpected and lovely texture it makes with paper 😀 And I enjoyed creating a pattern directly on the printable, so others can do these easy projects without having to figure everything out themselves… I did of course digitalize all the patterns, so I can now transfer them to a-n-y printable down the line 😉 xoxoxo

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