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Summer Hacks

We are vacating!!! (<— Is that a word in English???) Anyways, we are enjoying time off from work, spending time on my sisters farm and in general just lazy days 🙂

On Sunday, my friend Susanne gave me a HUGE boquet of vintage garden roses! It was absolutely stunning. Unfortunaltely these old roses does not thrive well in water, so already on Tuesday most of them were no longer that pretty. Still a few were looking good, so here is what I did to keep them a little longer:

Wings of Whimsy: Rose Hack

Simply cut off the flowers you want to keep with a short stem, and put them in bowls of water. I also kept a few leaves for support and complimentary color.

We are having a veritable heat wave here in Western Norway, and our houses are not built for that. They are built to keep the heat IN during the cold winters… few houses have air conditioning and the solution is to open several windows to create an air flow throughout the house… However, on a farm that also means inviting the flies in…:-O So with some old lace curtains and some masking tape, I created temporary insect screens for the open windows:

Wings of Whimsy: Insect Screen Hack #diy

Wings of Whimsy: Insect Screen Hack #diy

Wings of Whimsy: Insect Screen Hack #diyAnd finally up at the mountain farm we we are residing ( I have blogged about it beforer HERE), the ground is n-o-t particularly plane… our favorite table is a camping type, were each leg can be adjusted individually, to always have a plane table regardless of where it stands.. Unfortunaltely, we have had that same table for over 40 years, and it has endured 2 generations of children, a few showers and reckless use… so the poor table top was totally broken. My solution: stapling a waxed table cloth to it 😀 It gives the old table another few seasons, and when this layer of table cloth is worn out, I’ll simply staple another layer on top again 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Table Hack #diy

We will be up on the mountain farm with no power and no internet most of this week and next, so don’t expect many posts here during this time 😉

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10 thoughts on “Summer Hacks

    1. I’m back! And I’m thrilled to report that we have had the best summer weather in Western Norway, ever! The next couple of weeks I’ll be focusing on getting back on track with my new studio, the blog here, and a couple of fun projects I have dreamed up, alongside a stackload of thrift finds that will need revamping 😀 If you are still vacationing, enjoy every minute, and if you are also back in every day life, enjoy the season all the same 😀 xoxoxo

  1. Oh it sure looks so cosy up there, and I loved the flynet you made, and it´s not just effective, but also looks really pretty too, so really good solution. I also remember we had a table like this in my birthhome, when I was a kid, so it put some memories up too ha ha ha, and I´m really amazed, it´ve surrvived for this long, very impressive, I think.
    I hope, you´re all having a wonderful time up there and enjoying to spend some really qualitytime together all of you as a family. There´s just nothing like it, so have a wonderful vacation and just relax, have fun and enjoy it there.

    1. The insect screens have been a HUGE success! Previous summers my sister has refused to open ANY windows on those hot days, and there has still been a few flies sneaking in (assumably through the door). Of course we could not save ourselves entirely from flies this year either, but the amount was not larger than any other summer, proving those who came in did not come through the windows 😀

      I went thrifting with my sister on Saturday, and found a fabulous antique table, that I simply could not leave, I’m taking my brother to fetch it on Thrusday. It will become my new studio work table, wait until you see it! I’m hoping the studio is more or less “ready” to use by the end of this week, and I’ll be taking pictures to share with everyone here on WOW then 😀 of course there are numerous projects I would like to continue working on to improve their appearance, but those will just have to come little by little 😛

      I hope you are having a great summer too Hunny! Please send me some images if you have any, I’d love to see you and the family enjoying the lovely days 😀

      Gunnvor Karita

    1. Thank you Hunny 🙂 She has an amazing rose garden, I think some of the plants are over 100 years old 🙂 I was thrilled to receive that boquet 😀 xoxoxo

  2. Have a wonderful, restful vacation! It is good to be away from the computer for a short while, I find it difficult as I am addicted. But it is wonderful to be in the country. The roses are pretty, especially in those darling bowls, are they Greengate? In the USA we don’t have Greengate or Kath Kidson ,,hum, I think I spelled that wrong. The style is very cheerful. Good going with the screen idea, and fixing the table. Isn’t it fine what we can do with a little effort and thought. I live in a very hot and humid place in the summer. Air conditioning is the only way to survive here. I came from a cooler climate where AC was not needed, so I feel your pain, I am still not used to summer here, even after 5 years. Perhaps it will cool down for you, I hope so. Enjoy being together, that is the most important thing.

    1. Yes, they are Greengate bowls. My sister has a small collection of bowls and cups, I must say I envy her a little…lol So every time I visit, I always indulge in using them 😀 And what do you know: my sister had a heat pump installed last year, and apparently it can also be set to cool…lol We only figured that out after a month of sunny, warm weather, but by now we have learned to cope with the temperatures, so we did not start it after all. And the “temporary” insect screens are still working like a charms, after almost 4 weeks up 😀 xoxoxo

  3. Vacate, vacating, vacation, vacationing – they all mean to leave one place, and presumably go to another! In your case, the family farm and rustic cabin have welcomed you. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely vacation!

    1. Thanks Hunny, I think we have been both vacating and vacationing then 😀 😀 😀 We had a wonderful time up at the mountain farm, the weather has been absolutely fabulous, and I forgot to take many pictures…lol! Oh well, I still have things to share, just need to get back into my routines…;-) xoxoxo

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