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DIY Old Book Crafts – No 6C – Sweet Pea Journal Finishing Touches

I know Ingeborg (like me) is also crazy about fairies and cherubs, so of course I chose a Sweet Pea Fairy image for the cover of her Sweet Pea journal:

Wings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Front CoverWings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Stamped Spine

And would it be a Sweet Pea Fairy journal without a fairy bell? The little jingle bell was also given a couple of brush strokes of white 🙂

Wings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Fairy Bell

I used a button and rubber hair bands for the closure of the journal, the button is fastened with two little heart beads, and a pice of jewelry wire – symbolizing “from my heart to yours”

Wings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Heart to Heart closure I chose my favorite Sweet Pea Seed Catalog image for the back cover

Wings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Back cover

And finally I tied a personlized embroidered tag with a tassel, as a bookmark

Wings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Personalized bookmark tied to the spine

Check out Part A if you are interested in the basic creation of this journal, and Part B if you want to know what extra surprises I included for Ingeborg 🙂

Are you wondering how to make the journal cover? Here is how I did it:


  1. Gesso the cover of your book, leave it to dry overnight
  2. Use mod podge or other craft glue to attach the cover images. (I recommend not using spray glue for the cover images, since they will be handled a lot more!)
  3. Eyeball where you want your closure on the front cover, and punch a hole for it
  4. Align a hole on the back cover with the front
  5. Attach your button/bead/brad to the front cover and rubber band or ribbon to the back cover
  6. Punch two holes in the spine, about 1cm from the top and bottom
  7. Tie your bookmark-tag with string to the top hole, and a fairy bell or pretty charm of your choosing to the bottom hole
  8. Stamp a name or title on the spine of the book
  9. TA-DAH: Vintage Sweet Pea Journal

All wrapped and ready to send to Ingeborg 😀

Wings of Whimsy - DIY Old Book Crafts No 6C - Sweet Pea Journal - Gift Wrap

The Boy & Girl Cherubs tags can be found HERE 🙂

All the high quality images of the finished journal are now added to the album below, so you can flip through the images if you wish (click on button to see the album):

Sweet Pea Journal Album
Sweet Pea Journal Album

If you want to create a scrap journal of your own, and are looking for imagery on a particular vintage theme, why not try my Pinterest boards?  I have many different themes, including two garden themes, the Sweet Pea images are gathered on the DIY Vintage Garden board. Below are just a FEW samples of my Vintage Pinterest boards, click on the image to see these and many more:

Wings of Whimsy: Some Vintage Themed Pinterest Boards

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10 thoughts on “DIY Old Book Crafts – No 6C – Sweet Pea Journal Finishing Touches

  1. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I’m sure Ingeborg is going to love it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing it come together. Margie x

    1. Thank you very much Dear Margie 🙂 I enjoyed very, very much making the journal too, and hope to make a few more for myself… I have several “needs” for journals…. lol In the album the pages are numbered after the same order as they are in the real journal. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you very much Hunny 🙂 I feel very lucky to have made so many new and creative friends, it makes sharing my ephemera, designing paper crafts and creating fun mixed media projects sooo rewarding 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. It is absolut stunning work, and I too have sooo enjoyed to follow the making from start to end here, and the endresult is absolutely outstanding. I know Ingeborg will drop her jaw on the table, when she see it in real life, as it can only be out of this world beautiful, it has to be a fairytale with so much beautiful stuff and love put into it.
    Hope you´re having a wonderful week-end now.

    1. Thank you very much Darling 🙂

      Ingeborg received the journal before I started blogging about it, I did not want to spill the surprise by sharing it here first…lol She has thanked me a gazillion times already, I’m almost starting to get embarrassed… 😛

      This project gave me pleasure in so many ways, and I think one of them was the challenge I gave myself in creating an unique journal really customized to someone else’s liking. I think Sweet Pea imagery is wonderful too, but it is not my fave florals, so being able to go a little outside my own “box” opened up some new perspectives. It really was a creativity booster, much like a writer would pick a word and start writing when encountering a writers block. (Not that I was facing a creative block, but it still was an awesome boost!) All the other Old Book Crafts came about as a result/alongside the journal! 😀 xoxoxo

      1. It is such a pleasure to see and hear, how much joy this has brought to both of you, and that is truly a rewarding aspect in crafting. I know exactly how you feel deep inside, and there´s nothing like it, when we´ve created something like this, and know, it´s been such a joy for us to make and feel the satisfaction on doing a really great job, and then afterwards know, that it was recieved exactly in the spirit, you intended, then it just don´t get any better right? And I´m soooo happy for both of youm, that it turned out as this amazing succes, that it really is in any way.I really think, any crafter should try and have that feeling some times, cause that´s actually what crafting is all about in the end. And still such a pleasure to everybody else to watch too.

      2. Aww, thank you so much Sweetie! I agree completely, it is so rewarding to craft gifts for someone special. Customizing to what someone else will like is also helping to open up new and unexpected perspectives 😀 Thank you for the insightful comment, I can tell you know exactly how it feels 😀 😀 xoxoxo

  3. From my heart to yours………. that’s the thought behind the attachment of the button!? Awww…….. Gunnvor…….. now you make me cry! So sweet! Well, know dear, that you’ve really touched me deeply with this and that I am so grateful and feeling so humble that you’ve made this for me. In the meantime I finally managed to blog about it too. I’m sorry for the delay. Your pictures are so pretty and so clear and exactly reflecting it’s beauty. I’m so proud to be the owner of it!!!!!! Thank you again dear flower fairy! ;-)))

    1. Hiya Sweetie 🙂

      Yes that was the thought of the beads 😉 Please know that I have put some more Sweet Pea images in our folder, turns out I had saved them on 3 different computers…lol Seems I have managed to compile them all for you now 😉 xoxoxo

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