Queen of Laundry – free printable Victorian Soap Tags

I have utilized a few more trade cards for a cute set of Victorian Soap Tags, perfect for the laundry room 🙂

Wings of Whimsy: Victorian Soap Tags #printable #freebie #ephemera #vintageThe trade cards can probably be dated to early 1880ies, and I love how whimsical they are! If you want the original trade cards, pop on over to Boston Public Library on Flickr. I have also put my adjusted versions (cropped and lightened) in the Exclusive folder, for all my registered followers to enjoy 😉

Use the tags to prettify your own laundry room, or why not attach a couple to bottles of detergent and softener and use as a hostess gift of house warming gift? 

The Victorian Soap Tags file is free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy 🙂

Download Printable

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I have used the following elements for these design:

Canning Tag – The Graphics Fairy

Soap Trade Cards – Boston Public Library

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8 thoughts on “Queen of Laundry – free printable Victorian Soap Tags

  1. Absolutely awesome hun, and I´m definitely going to use these for a really good friend, who´s always making her own soaps and creams, so they´ll just fit perfectly for her birthday- and christmasgift.
    Thanks sooo much for alwaas sharing your big talent with us here hun. Have a great sunday now.

    1. Thank you so much Dear Maryann. Don’t forget that my enhanced version of the original cards can be found in the Exclusive folder. I’m thinking a couple of these in small frames would look sooo cute hung in a laundry room, or in a soap makers work space 😉 Enjoy your Sunday too, what is left of it, that is…:-P xoxoxo

  2. I plan on attaching these tags to the spray bottles of stain remover that I’m going to make to give to family and friends. Thank you for making the little gift bottles even more special.

    1. Excellent idea, Sweetie! I’d love to see the finished bottles, if you can remember to take a picture before they are gifted 🙂 Have you developed your own stain remover, or are you using a store bought type, just filled on pretty bottles? xoxoxo

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