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Christmas Ornaments Swap

I have completely fallen in love with tart tin and cookie cutter ornaments! And I plan to make LOADS of them for Christmas this year 😀 

So here’s my fun proposal for all you crafty peeps out there:

I am arranging a


Tart Tin or Cookie Cutter

Ornament Swap!

Anyone can join, as long as you are willing to comply with the following rules:

  • Sign up for contributing 3 tart tin ornaments OR 3 cookie cutter ornaments, vintage style
  • Take pictures of the 3 ornaments you have made to be presented here on WoW
  • Have your ornaments ready to ship internationally no later than November 15th (we want to make sure your swap-buddy receives them in time for THIS Christmas…lol)
  • SIGN-UP DEADLINE: October 1st 2014 (leaving you 6 weeks to make the ornaments and take pictures)

I will manage the swaps and assign swap-buddies. You are welcome to sign up for more than one swap, but each batch should be either 3 tart tin ornaments OR 3 cookie cutter ornaments. If you sign up for multiple swaps, you will be assigned with multiple swap-buddies (keep in mind the international shipping costs!) You will receive tart tin ornaments in return if you contribute with tart tin ornaments, and cookie cutter ornaments in return if you contribute with cookie cutter ornaments.

Don’t have any vintage tart tins or cookie cutters in your stash? No worries, you can use new ones, as long as you make them look vintage! (I have tested various solutions of vinegar, hydroperoxide and bleach that will roughen and rust metal in no time, I will share those tips later)

On my Pinterest board (click on link below) are some ideas and inspiration to get you started:

Inspiration for Tart Tin & Cookie Cutter Ornaments Swap

Sign up by posting a comment below, with what kind of swap(s) you want to do, or send me a personal email 😀

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18 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments Swap

  1. Hi Gunnvor Karita…Thank you for including me in your swap invitation for the tart tins. I am sorry to that I cannot participate at this time. I take care of both my Mother and Father, and hardly have any time left for my number one love which is creating. I love to stay in my studio and create, I have never been a swap because I am mostly a person who is a loner, and I stay to myself. But I admire your work, and your creativity, and am happy that you thought of me. I do read your blog, and am happy to pin on the Pintrest Christmas board you asked me to. Thank you again, and all my best to you, Warmly, Shelly


    1. That is ok Dear, thank you for taking the time to write me and all 🙂 You will probably be hearing a lot about the swap here on the blog, maybe enough to inspire you during the fall to at least make some tart tin or cookie cutter ornaments for yourself 🙂 And if you do, please think of me and my other whimsical swappers, and be with us in spirit 😉 xoxoxo

  2. Do you have to send 3 tart tins to 1 person or 1 tart tin to 3 persons. Sorry but I think I do not understand it completly 😉

    1. Dear Sil 🙂 I will assign the swap buddy. You will send 3 ornaments to your swap buddy, and receive 3 ornaments from your swap buddy. That gives the crafters a chance to create a set of 3 complimentary ornaments, should they want to. You may sign up for more than one swap (of 3 ornaments), but will be assigned different swap buddies for each swap. Hope that explains it better? xoxoxo

      1. Thanks for your reply and I will think about it (still have a few days) but I really love the idea

  3. Hi there, thought it over and I am in for a swap with tart tins. I can’t wait to see who is my swap buddy and what she is making for me #exited#

  4. Hi, I still did not receive an email with further information. Is it still going on or are there not enough people who want to take part.

    1. Hello Dear!

      Yes it is going on, I’ve just had some unexpected things on my plate this week 😛 I wrote you a personal email, just now, and will also write a follow up here on WoW for everyone during the weekend! Talk to you soon 🙂

      Gunnvor Karita 🙂

  5. I made my three tart tin ornaments. Who do I send them to? I’m excited about this swap. Please let me knows. Love your graphics. Thank you

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