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Vintage Paper Doll Angels – Part 1

I’m working on some Vintage Paper Doll Angels for Christmas, and I figured I’d share some of the printables even though the project is still not complete:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Paper Doll Angels #vintage #printable #freebie #ephemera #paper #doll

I figured little paper dolls in their underwear will make such sweet little Christmas Angels! So I gathered a bunch of them and resized them to the same size, and also resized some beautiful wings to match:

Wings of Whimsy: Vintage Paper Doll Angels #vintage #printable #freebie #ephemera #paper #doll

I think you can figure out the rest yourselves…lol!

Now these don’t have to be for Christmas only, I know mine are going up the second I have finished embellishing them. But first I have to decide if I will put glitter on the wings, or maybe on both the dolls and the wings…? Hm… all these hard crafty choices 😀

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies 🙂

Download Printable

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13 thoughts on “Vintage Paper Doll Angels – Part 1

  1. Oh my, I just LOVE these, and why not — just because I’m a 67 year old grandma, I never outgrew my love of paper dolls. These are especially sweet. Thank you so much Gunnvor!

    1. Dear Jamie 🙂

      Growing up I NEVER played with dolls. That is what I have always been telling myself. Not until I started researching vintage paper dolls for this project, I realized I DID play with dolls, only the paper kind 😀 I loved cutting them out, fitting their clothes and often times they were the kind one should color. I’d spend hours designing their styles, I even remember copying the little garments to make my very own pieces…. The moral of this story: you’re not supposed to outgrow the love for paper dolls, it is part of what makes you, YOU 😀 xoxoxo PS This is only part 1 of a series, there will be more paper dolls coming 😉

    1. You are welcome Dear 🙂 I have put glitter on mine, dolls n wings…lol! Will leave them to dry over night, and then attach the wings to the little dolls. Think mine will be getting little tinsel crowns too 😀 Hope you will make a set for yourself or someone you love 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. oh are these cute or are they cute? Oh yes they are exstreely cute indeed he he he.
    The girls will just love them, when they come here in the fallbreak in 2 weeks. We have acttually collected quite a few over the last years, and have spent many hours playing with these, and they think it´s sooo fun, and always asks me to tell about, how we used to play with these and make our own too, when we were small. Now a days they have these books of Topmodels too, which is also all about making their own paperdolls too, but they still love the very old dolls too, and love to see what kind of clothes they wore back then and these things, so I know, they´ll be thrilled, when they see these. Thanks soo very much sweet friend.
    You have a wonderful week too sweet friend.

    1. Thank you Sweetie 🙂 My girls have also been playing with Top Model books, and they are like me, they enjoy creating their own outfits the most…lol Maybe you can make these for Christmas with your girls when they are coming? They were surprisingly easy to cut out, and I’m in the process of embellishing my first batch with glitter and tinsel 😀 I wish you a wonderful week too, Hunny 😀 xoxoxo

  3. I LOVE the paper doll angels and intend to make them…..soon? Please tell me what kind of paper you used to print them on and what does the back look like? I’m assuming they would need to be fairly sturdy.

    1. They were printed on 170g Canon Matte Photo Paper 🙂

      For the rest of the DIY-details, check out the last post in the series: Mine are just plain white on the back, but if I were making another set, I’d consider printing sheet music on the back before cutting them out, or using thinner paper and glueing it to vintage book pages before cutting them out. There is some fine details on these, so they’d be hard to cut if they are too thick…;-) Good luck, please let me know how it goes 🙂 xoxoxo

      PS I used mine for a Paper Doll Angel Christmas Tree:

      1. thanks so much for your speedy reply! Loved your idea about using music/books for the backing. I’ve already started cutting. LOVE THEM!

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