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Attention Swappers!

I know some of you have already started working on the Tart Tin and Cookie Cutter Ornaments, both for the swaps and for yourselves 🙂 I could not be more excited 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Sandkake

So far we are 7 people who will participate in the swap, and I know I said the deadline for signing up was October 1st, but I’m going to allow 3 more days until October 7th, since my last week went completely off in a different direction than planned, due to family issues, and I had no time to post my final reminder before October 1st.

I am of course thrilled about the 7 swappers, but I’d love to make it to 10. 😀 Any chance we can make that happen?

The names of the swappers will not be revealed until I present the ornaments you made, after they have been received by your swap-buddies, and then only by first names. All the communication with full names and adresses will go directly between the assigned swap buddies, so your participation here will not be broadcasted in any way that can be recognized by outsiders 😉

Here’s some more details about the swaps, both for the swappers who have already signed up, and for those considering jumping in before October 7th:

Each swap is for a set of 3 ornaments. The swap-options are:
  1. 1 tart tin swap, swapped with one swap buddy
  2. 1 cookie cutter swap, swapped with one swap buddy
  3. Several tart tin swaps, swapped with several different swap buddies
  4. Several cookie cutter swaps, swapped with several different swap buddies
  5. 1 or several tart tin swaps AND 1 or several cookie cutter swaps, swapped with the same amount of different swap buddies

Please let me know how many swaps you want to do, I’d say based on the sign up so far a total of 6 swaps would be maximum (6×3=18 ornaments). I’ll do my best to match up the swaps so everyone gets tart tins back if they contribute with tart tins, and cookie cutters for cookie cutters. If the numbers don’t add up in the end, I’ll let you know and ask you to reduce the number of swaps accordingly, but I think at least the first 3 sets should be very easy to match 🙂 And of course it is perfectly fine to sign up for only 1 swap (3 ornaments) too, if you feel like that 😀

You will then have until November 15th to craft your ornaments, take pictures and get the packages ready, and I’ll ask everyone to send their packages around that date, and send pictures to me. When you have received the swap items from your swap-buddy (buddies), I would like to be notified, upon which I will present the ornaments on WoW. Hopefully the items will have arrived to their new homes before December 1st, and can all be presented early enough that other readers may get inspired too, and still have time to make their own variations before Christmas 🙂

During the next few weeks I plan to share more Christmas graphics that could be used for the ornaments, but they are purely optional, everyone is completely free to design the ornaments any way and with any materials they want, as long as they are given a vintage style. And by vintage I don’t mean any requirement to be using genuine vintage items, but to try your best to make them look vintage…:-P Much like all the crafts I do on WoW…lolI will manage the swaps and assign swap-buddies. The swappers will receive a private email after October 7th with the names of their assigned swap buddies.

On my Pinterest board (click on link below) are some ideas and inspiration to get you started:

Inspiration for Tart Tin & Cookie Cutter Ornaments Swap

Sign up by posting a comment below, with what kind of swap(s) you want to do, or send me a personal email 😀

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    1. Hunny, I sent you an email on Saturday with all the details. I have resent it just now, please let me know when you have received it? In case you can’t see it, please check you spam-filter, it could have gone there…:-O xoxoxo

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