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Victorian Pearline Button Girls

I have repurposed yet another Victorian trade card, to decorate my studio: 

Wings of Whimsy: Pearline Button Girls - #ephemera #vintage #freebie #printable

The three little Victorian Girls are originally a die cut trade card, advertising Pearline (I suppose that was a laundry detergent helping to keep clothes white?). I have cleaned up the graphics, and resized the little darlings to fit on an A4 page. 

I wanted my Pearline girls to become Button Keepers, and keep my Ingeborg company, in the sewing department of my studio:

Wings of Whimsy: Pearline Button Girls - #ephemera #vintage #freebie #printable

This little corner is where I keep my buttons, new ribbon I have not yet started using and sewing notions in general. So the lovely Button Girls fit right in 🙂

You might remember my Ingeborg from THIS post? If so, you might notice that she has a new throne? That is because my Ingeborg is a Fairy Queen, and we all know Queens need a proper throne 😀

I created an elevated stand, by glueing painted, thrifted metal pans together with the second candlestick. So I now have both a tiered tray for my sewing notions and a throne for my Fairy Queen 😀 The pans were btw painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and glued with superglue, if anyone is curious…;-)

Wings of Whimsy: Pearline Button Girls - #ephemera #vintage #freebie #printable

Are you curious about the pink&red thread labels I used on my wooden spools? I found those on the lovely Cathe Holden’s site Just Something I Made, printed and cut them out, then crumbled them up in my hand before I straightened them and hot glued them to cheap wooden spools.The spools came with the lace ribbon, and when they are empty I’ll consider aging them before I wind something new onto them.  Click on the image below to download Cathe’s spool labels:

Just Something I Made: Vintage Spool Labels

Here’s the free printable sheet with my Button Keeper Girls:

Wings of Whimsy: Pearline Button Girls - #ephemera #vintage #freebie #printable

I printed my button girls on Canon Matte 170g Photopaper, cut them out, creased between each girl, and sewed my buttons on with a piece of thread. I pierced a hole through each girls hands, to make it look like she is holding the garland of buttons. I taped the beginning and end of the thread on the flip side. If I make another of these to gift to someone, I would not sew all buttons on the same thread, since you can see where the thread crosses over from one girl to the next 😛

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies 🙂

Download Printable

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I have used the following graphics for this design

Pearline Trade Card – Boston Public Library on Flickr

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17 thoughts on “Victorian Pearline Button Girls

  1. Oh my Gunnvor I just love your little sewing corner here, it´s sooo beautiful and cosy. And your little buttongirls here are just too cute too, but I didn´t find them in the folder thoug, even I´ve looked twice now?? But guess you´ve been kept by other things, so I´ll just try again at a later time, so no worries about that thoug.
    I really love your ribbonspools too, they´re sooo awesome, and I can think, if they were aged a bit, they would be even more amazing then, but then everything you do are, so ofcause they will too.
    I´m of here again to try and finish all my invites hopefully tonight otr early tomorrow, as we need to get them out there , so I´m a bit busy here LOL.
    You have a wonderful night and lots of great fun, and we´ll talk again soon.

    1. Thank you Hunny 🙂
      Please excuse my belated answer, I was busy all afternoon on Thursday packing for a weekend trip, and the girls and I left directly after work on Friday, hiked in the dark (with headlights) to a remote lighthouse on one of the nearby islands, and spent the whole weekend there, with no cell phone access and no internet, only the ocean, the lighthouse and a few very dear friends. I came back both recharged and drained…lol!

      Drained of physical energy, but recharged with happiness 😀 The boyfriend of my very dear friend asked her to marry him while we were there, and I could not be happier for her, or feel more proud to have been “part of” that very special occasion 🙂 Love conquers all, even at our age!! I wish you a lovely week my Dear! xoxoxo

      1. Oh please don´t excuse we all have lifes to live and other things in life to do, and I never expect people to answer me here and now. I also just check in now and then, as it fits into my program here, as you can see from my answers too, so please never feel any need to excuse for anything like this. I have as you know, beeen very very busy myself all until sunday night, where I finally got all my invites for the baptism finished and out of here, so now I can finally concentrate of other things, and also have some good news, but will write you a nice mail later, when I have just finished a few other things here the next couple of days, that has been on hold here for a bit LOL.
        I´m sooo happy for you, that you had the chance to get away a bit and even be part of such a romantic moment with your friends, that´s unbeatable, I think ha ha ha. Such a wonderful moment with good friends and such a happy one even, that´s not all, that´s soo lucky, and if any deserved it, it was definitely you and your girls. And now you have a chance to make something very special for their wedding, when it´ll come up later on, as you have witnesed the proposal too and have good time to out think the perfect thing for them. Oh boy I would´ve loved that ha ha.
        So glad, that you feel recharged again, but I really think, we all should take a few days away like this now and trhen, as it´ll be good for our mental spirit, to get away from all the daily chit chat and do something else, and then it doesn´t matter, if it was hard Physically, as a good nights sleep do wonders to that.
        We´ll talk again very soon, but for now have a wonderful week and lots of fun with your lovely girls.

    1. Thank you Nita 🙂 I’m always thrilled when my printables are appreciated by others. It all starts out with some graphics I want to use for myself, and when I have spent time cleaning it up and preparing it for my A4-printer, I often decide to share it here, so others can enjoy my ready-to-print version too 😀 xoxoxo

  2. Hi Gunnvor, I agree with everyone. You’re sewing corner is gorgeous. So inspiring. It’s giving me ideas on how to organize my sewing space to keep me creating. Hugs

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Dear 🙂 I wouldn’t exactly call it “organized”, rather a mix of my creative whimsies and some cute trays for bits and pieces…lol! Never stop creating, that is what keeps feeding my furnace…lol xoxoxo

  3. How very delightful your arrangement in the sowing Room you are so creative. I had a try at your lovely Corsets this morning and I am well happy with how they turned out thank you so very much for sharing,
    Hugs and Love Patricia P

    1. YAY!! I’m very exited to hear that 🙂 I have too much stuff, and I want it all to be on display… so it’s a constant battle to invent new ways of storing/displaying my ephemera, my creations AND my beads, thread, ribbon, paper, buttons, glitters, thrift finds, and what not…lol! xoxoxo

  4. Hi Gunnvor,
    Thank you so much for being so generous with sharing your lovely images! I found your blog last fall and have enjoyed reading through it and making some projects. I made your Christmas village as centerpieces for a Victorian party and my guests loved them! I also just finished making a diary for a Victorian (1876) doll and I decoupaged it with the pearline girls and some of your other graphics. I get new ideas constantly from your blog–so fun! Thanks again for your generosity!

    1. Awww, I’m so happy to hear that Becky 🙂 Please let me know if you have any special requests, I know I’m mostly whimsy & beyond, but I might have stuff “in storage” to comply…lol! And I’d love to see pictures of the things you have created, if you click on my avatar (at the bottom of every post) you can send me a personal email 🙂 xoxoxo

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