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1916 Bathing Beauties by Marjorie Mostyn – Printable Tags

I know I seem to only be thinking about Christmas, so I need to let you know that I’m not… I’m also still thinking about summer, and the wonderful warm weather we had this year, and how much the girls enjoyed swimming and bathing many times per day…

So when I saw these lovely ladies, I knew I had to share them with ya’ll n-o-w, rather than wait until next summer… 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Bathing Beauty Tags - #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #tagMy regular approach to tags like these, is to print the collage sheet, attach it with spray glue to light cardboard (like that from cereal boxes), cut out the tags and string them 😉

These tags would be lovely with a gift for a friend who enjoys swimming, or maybe you prefer using them with journaling, or when scrapbooking 🙂

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy 🙂

Download Printable

My followers will also find the individual tags as PNG-files in the Exclusive folder 😀

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I have used the following graphics for this design

Bathing Beauties – Tuck DB

Queen At Home Paper Set – Wings of WhimsyClick to E-mail me :-)

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4 thoughts on “1916 Bathing Beauties by Marjorie Mostyn – Printable Tags

  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful tags! I love your Ephemera tags and look forward to each and every one of them.

    1. Thank you so much Sandy 🙂 Someone asked me if I didn’t feel like running out of ephemera, and my answer was: quite contrary, it seems to increase for each day I spend looking! 😀 Enjoy your week, may it be a creative one 😀 xoxoxo

  2. Oh my goodness these are so beautiful, and they´ll be just perfect for my beachcards next summer, that´s for sure. I even think, I´ll have to try one very soon, as I just have a perfect idea for one here and now, and it could also be great with a nice summercard now, wouldn´t it? If not for anything else, then to remember the wonderful summer, we were so lucky to have this year ha ha ha. This way we can drag it a bit longer too ha ha ha. But else I think, some of them could even be great for a christmascard too. One thing´s for sure, they´re all sooo beautiful, and thanks so much for sharing all these beauties here with us.
    Have a wonderful day and lots of great fun this week, and take good care.

    1. Thank you so much Dear Maryann 🙂

      I think many of the scrappers at least, will be spending time during the fall creating beautiful scrapbook pages with their pictures from the summer, and then these can be lovely accents to that 🙂 xoxoxo

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