Vintage Style Ribbon Tags

I’ve had fun designing new ribbon tags, using some pretty vintage graphics I have been saving 🙂 First there’s the long version:Wings of Whimsy: Long Ribbon Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #tags

Wings of Whimsy: Long Ribbon Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #tags

And then there is the short version:

Wings of Whimsy: Short Ribbon Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #tagsWings of Whimsy: Short Ribbon Tags #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable  #tags

These tags can be used “as is” or they’ll also work well if you want to make double sided tags. Here’s how:

  • Long ribbon tags: score and fold between the 5th and the 6th tag. Apply glue to the back ( I prefer spray glue for a quick process) and press the two sides together. Wait until dry (about 5 minutes with my spray glue) and cut the tags apart.
  • Short ribbon tags: score and fold along the middle line, spray the back side with glue and cut the tags apart when the glue is dry.

Use the ribbon tags together with other “regular” tags, for journaling, for scrapbook pages, or attach them anywhere you want 🙂

Two long ribbon tags can also be used with a brad to make a pretty bow. I challenge you to test it yourselves and see if you can figure it out! The first person to send me a picture of a bow made with these, will be rewarded with a special surprise! 

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies 🙂

Download Printable

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I have used the following graphics for these designs

Old Rose Catalog – Matthew’s Island of Misfit Toys

Vintage Ledger – Mel Stampz

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Style Ribbon Tags

  1. Thanks sooo much for these beautiful ribbons here, they´re sooo gorgeous hun, and soooo cool, as they can really be used for many different things too, and I just love that. You are awesome to find just the right designs for every thing you make, which is just such a gift to have, and then it´s our gift, that you always so willingly share all your hard swork here with us too, so we can just use it right away. I really want to thank you for that sweetie. I had never had these opportunities, if it wasn´t for your generousity, as I´m really the stuoiest on eart, when it comes to computerstuff LOL. But then I also realize, we can´t all be good at everything, and then I can do so much else, and just hope, that I can some day repay you for all your kindness in some other way then, so if ever, there´s anything I can do in return, then please let me know, and I´ll be sooo happy to then, that´s for sure.
    Have a wonderful day sweet friend, and all the fun in the world, I hope.
    Biiiiiiiiiiig warm hugs.

    1. Deares Maryann!
      I feel like I somehow needed a really big hug today! I had a good day at work, the girls left to go to their dad’s for the weekend, and I have a nice and quiet evening in my studio… so how come I feel down and sad…I don’t know. But thinking about your virtual hug cheers me up, and you know my plan to invade you next summer will be executed, if you keep writing comments like that…lol!
      I wish you a good nights sleep, and hope to talk to you soon 😀 big warm hugs back at ya, Sweetie!! xoxoxo

  2. Oh sweetie, I´m soo glad I was able to give you that hug then, even it´s only a virtual hug.
    Some times I think, we all feel that way, even we can´t even understand why, but I think our mind sometimes plays us a bit that way, and it does happen to all of us now and then, I´m sure. I hope today will be a much better day for you, and if not, you can always reach me at Skype, I´m there under my own name, and I´m also on FB under my own name, if you need someone to chat to directly. And even I maybe can´t do much, I also knows, it most times help just to talk to someone and say things, it makes us feels a lot better to just talk. I believe we most time get this feeling, when we are all alone only with our own compagny, and it does a lot of difference just to talk to someone.
    And please do make these plans for the visit here real, I would so love that, and I know the girls would too. They always have a way of getting here, when ever we´ve had visitors from abroad, and just love it, and when they have kids too, it´s perfect, as the kids always enjoys it more too then, and I´moften amazed how easy kids understand each other, even they don´t talk the same language. I still remember a few years ago, we had some visitors from Germany and they had their little girl at 7 with them, and all the girls sat outside and played in the sandbox, and I passed by them and stod there and watched them for a couple of minutes. They all talked out loud in each their native language and just went on and on, and I could hear, that even their daughter asked them questions in German, they answered totally right in Danish, so I asked them, how they knew, what she asked them about, and they just said, but gran can´t you see that?? And they simply understand because they´re not as shy as adults, and read the bodylanguage much better than we do, I think, cause they seemed to understand each other perfectly, and they all had a ball for 4 days and I only think they came and asked for help to translate twice in the 4 days, and that´s an amazing gift I think. And every time I talk about, we´re getting any visitors from abroad, they´re on their marks right away, when do we come then? ha ha ha But I also think, it´s a great way to teach kids to accept each other with no limits, no matter who we are, and they´ll be great travellers later in life, when they grow all up.

  3. Thank you so much, Gunnvor. My favorite are the “roses”. I know this is not a new post, but I know exactly what you mean about receiving virtual hugs. I’m sending you some right now and hope you are doing fantastic. Hugs, Iris

    1. Awww, thank you for the hugs Hunny 🙂 I always enjoy receiving the hugs, and rest asured, I receive word of any comment that pops up on a-l-l my posts 😀 Thank you very much 😀 Here is a great big virtual hug back at ya, hope you can feel it 🙂 xoxoxo

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