Calendar Poll

This is just a quick note to ask your input 🙂

I’m working on a 2015 calendar, and I’d like to know what format would be most useful to you:
What is your prefered day to start the week?

What is your prefered language?

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2 thoughts on “Calendar Poll

  1. Gunnvor:
    I don’t actually want the calendar in the Hebrew Language (I am just learning the language after all) but the Jewish holidays on the English Calendar would be nice. I can give you the name and dates for the nest year if you need them,. I also want to thank you for sending the link to the Old Design Shop. I signed up for her blog too. I am going to have so much fun making things this year. I will use old ideas with new ideas this year.


    1. Dear Jackie 🙂

      I already finished the calendar I had i progress when I posted this, (the Sweet Cherub Calendar) and you might see that there is no room to include any details other than months and weekdays…:-P I hope my calendar is still useful to you. So sorry not to be of any help on this matter. xoxoxo

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