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1914 Delineator – Baby Butterick

Here is a darling scene by Ella Dolbear Lee, from The Delineator, January 1914:

Wings of Whimsy: 1914 Delineator - Baby Butterick

Really, January? I indulge in the idea that 100 years ago, there was also people like me, who celebrate Christmas in their hearts every day of the year! (Or maybe the January issue was released early in December…? 😛 )

I tucked Baby Butterick in a vintage jar, mine is a Norgesglas, which is the Norwegian equivalent to Mason jars 🙂 To even the ground a little, I filled some Maldon sea salt flakes in the bottom of the jar, I think regular coarse sea salt will do too 🙂 But I must admit I did spend a little time with a scewer and a pair of pliers to position everything, and this display does not take movement well, so I recommend placing it on a mantle where it will not be touched…:-P

Also the back side is not that pretty, since there is no reverse side on the carriage:

Wings of Whimsy: 1914 Delineator - Baby Butterick

Wings of Whimsy: 1914 Delineator - Baby Butterick

I added the support strip for the carriage by cutting out a strip of paper from some scrap white paper I had.

Whenever Baby Butterick  was released, it is definitely a Christmas scene, and I simply adore the little baby, the toys and his carriage 🙂 And the little Christmas tree is so darned cute, I want to multiply it for all my Christmas displays 😀

Wings of Whimsy: 1914 Delineator - Baby Butterick

I had a little puzzle with piecing everything together, it might be easier for you since you now have my finished model to consult…;-) I ended up not using the jacket, for my display. Maybe because I printed Baby Butterick on 170g photo paper, it was simply too thick with all those layers, I had to choose between the gown and the jacket, and I decided I liked the gown the most 🙂 In hindsight I also think too much of the white paper is showing, since most of the figures are double sided. I should have taken the time to brush a little tea stain or ink on the back of all the papers before piecing it together, at least now you can avoid my mistake…lol 😀

Wings of Whimsy: 1914 Delineator - Baby Butterick

I have put a high quality Baby Butterick in my Christmas download folder, free for your personal use and enjoyment 🙂

Download Printable

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4 thoughts on “1914 Delineator – Baby Butterick

  1. First of all I want to appologize for once again being sooo late to answer several postings here, but we´ve had kids and been away for the big fair here last week-end and sooo much going on here tha last week. But I have just been reading all your latest postings, and I´m totally in awe with what I find here. This old jar here with the christmasdecoration is just THE cutest, I´ve seen in many years, and I have already printed it out here as we speak, and I´m definitely going to make some of these, that´s for sure. I absolutely love it.
    But I´m also totally in love with these coffee trade cards, and the heartbookmarks are just too cute. A shame I didn´t see them, while the girls were ehre, as I´m sure, they would´ve loved them for their schoolbooks, but will have to print some for them til later, so they can have some then. And finally I totally adore all your dsecoupaged items, especially that set up thing ( sorry I have no idea, what it´s called in English, I´m afraid LOL) you made to hold all your stuff there. It is soo gorgeous and very very beautiful. I could certainly use one of those here on my craft table to hold all these small leftover pieces, we always get from every projectyt, and it would look very beautiful, in stead of that plastic basket, I´m using now ha ha ha.
    Hope everything is great in your end, here it´s been a bit hectic, and next week-end will be too. Tomorrow I have a check up at my doctor, and friday I need to go and pick a crafting friend at the train station, and then we´ll head of to visit my local craftstore, before we go home to have some crafting fun here in my craftroom. She´ll stay here with me over the week-end, so I probably wount have much time to get online there, but then I´ll be back again monday, so I hope, you´ll all have a great week-end ahead, I know, I am. Take care of yourself and have lots of great fun.

    1. Bah humbug you! Your apology is truly ignored, I don’t want to hear it 😀 .-D 😀 I’d rather hear all about your trip with the girls to the fair!!?? Was it everything you anticipated? Did you return home with loads of new inspiration?

      I visited a local craft fair myself on Saturday, I did not even know about it until Friday afternoon, when I was leaving work. :-O My colleague asked me if I was going, since he was helping out with practical arrangements. I mainly went to scout, so I can consider if I should sign up for a booth there next year. And I must say I am very tempted to do so, apparently the sole charge is giving one prize to the lottery they are holding. About 20 stands with local people were there, only one lady with scrapbook cards, most were knitters and such. So I definitely think I could craft enough stuff to make it worth wile, and interesting for people to stop by 🙂

      This weekend I’ll be home, working on my tart tins project, and next weekend I’m going to visit a friend and join a Crafty Saturday arrangement she is holding, so there’ll be lots of creative fun coming up in the next few weeks 🙂

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my recent posts too, I love it when you tell me the projects will fit your troop of crafters 😀

      Have a lovely evening my Dear! xoxoxo

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