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Margaret Tarrant Pixie Tags

I used some Christmas Pixie postcard art by Margaret Tarrant to design this set of tags:

Wings of Whimsy: Margaret Tarrant Pixie Tags #freebie #printable #ephemera #vintage #margaret #tarrant

Maybe you can use these for your Christmas projects, or as gift tags with your Christmas gifts? The fonts are both free: Fancy Card and Dearest.

This file is free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copy 🙂

Download Printable

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16 thoughts on “Margaret Tarrant Pixie Tags

  1. Oh my, these are just too adorable!!! It never ceases to amaze me the sweet papers you come up with. I can’t thank you enough, Gunnvor!

    1. Awww, thank you so much Dear! What can I say, the era and the ephemera is my passion, and the more I research around it, the more I come across 😀 Wait until you see the next one…;-) I was hoping to finish it so I could post it tonight, but I might not have the time to do so, and I’ll be away all weekend, so if it’s not on here tonight, stay tuned on Sunday night…;-) xoxoxo

  2. Both this and the last entry here is absolutely gorgeous. I´ll print some of the Boston scenes for saturday, when we´re going to Trines birthday, as I know, the girls are sooo crazy about these things, and will sooo enjoy to make them, as we begin to run out of time ehre before christmas, as they also wants to finish all their homemade presents too in time for christmas, and we have a lot of other things on the go here too, I´m afraid.
    But these are sooo beautiful too, and great for the girls too, as they can cut them all out by them self and use them for their small gifts. Thanks sooo very much for all the hard work, you always put in these things for us sweet friend. Now I´ll just be busy over the week-end and hopefully catch up a bit next week, then I hope, to be back to normal here again LOL, but a biirthday saturday and the baprtism sunday and then a day off monday, then we´re almost there I hope he he he

    1. Hello Sweetie! Your girls are very skilled if they can manage the cutting of the Boston scene, it is pretty advanced…:-P At least if you want to stick it in a jar…, choosing the single graphic sheet will of course make the cutting a little easier, since the details are twice as large…lol! But the tags are great for the girls, they can make those very easily themselves 😀

      Good luck with celebrating birthdays and baptism, enjoy your wonderful family, and your day off!!!

      I’ll be away all weekend, visiting my friend who runs a small and very cozy hotel in a remote village. She’s arranging a “Christmas workshop” this Saturday, and has requested I come and “teach” my village to her and whoever else wants to join us! So I think we’ll make an entire Christmas village to decorate her hotel for the Holidays. I hope to be able to take some pictures and share here after the weekend, but no promises…:-P xoxoxo

  3. I just love the art of Margaret Tarrant, thank you so much for these beautiful tags. Thank you also for the Christmas items from the 2013 folder. I am going to try and make the cones this week.

    1. Thank you very much Angela 🙂 I’m so happy you guys are enjoying my older Christmas designs too! Even if they were created last year, they are all vintage, and thus will never be outdated…lol! Please send me pictures of your cones when they are ready, I’d love to see your version 🙂 xoxoxo

  4. Gorgeous art work on these tags. Thanks for EVERYTHING! Have fun this weekend. I’m jealous…I would LOVE to attend a craft work shop taught by you.

    1. Dear Paula!

      We had a blast this weekend, Saturday was nonstop crafting for 12 hours straight…:-O I guess a new word for that would be craft-a-thon…? lol

      I would love to arrange a craft work shop with you participating…lol! Come to Norway and we can set it up any time…:-D I guess the next best thing would be me doing a youtube video for you…lol!!! xoxoxo

  5. Love, love, the pixie tags! These will be tied on little cookie bundles as gifts. They are wonderful. We’re hoping to create some of your wonderful little paper houses this year and make a little winter village. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all.

    1. YAY!! I’m thrilled to be reading your comment. I was away all weekend, making the village all over for a friend. Of course we were so busy I had no time to take pictures, but she has promised to take some for me once she has her place ready for Christmas 😉 I’d love to see how yours turn out too, so please send me pictures! xoxoxo

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