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From 1905 to 2015 Cherub Calendar

I’ve been working on a 2015 calendar, using an original laundry company trade card from 1905. The trade card features a sweet Cherub looking in the mirror:

Wings of Whimsy: Calendar 2015 English  #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #calendar

Here is the English version, week starts on Sunday:

Wings of Whimsy: Calendar 2015 English  #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #calendar

Wings of Whimsy: Calendar 2015 English  #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #calendar

I also made a French version, week starts on Monday:

Wings of Whimsy: Calendar 2015 French  #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #calendar

Wings of Whimsy: Calendar 2015 French  #vintage #ephemera #freebie #printable #calendar

Both the English and the French version of the months come in both pink and blue, so you can pick your favorite. 😀

I printed mine on 170g Canon photo paper, applied spray glue to the back and glued it onto cereal box cardboard.

I punched two holes in all the months and the calendar, and attached the months with two brads. I carefully placed the brads so the legs open sideways in the back, which should allow me to pull off the months as the year progresses. If you have a good stapler, stapling the months to the calendar is also an option.

Make this calendar for yourself, for your craft space or your office, or make it to gift to someone who enjoy the vintage style 🙂 Wouldn’t this be a cute Christmas gift for someone? Or a hostess gift for the upcoming party season?

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies 🙂

Download Printable

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4 thoughts on “From 1905 to 2015 Cherub Calendar

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been wanting to make a 2015 desk calendar for my desk at work and this is PERFECT! Love the pink ones!


    1. Dear Sandy! I try to answer all comments left here on WoW, to express how much it means to me that people are taking the time to post… but sometimes I miss comments, not always sure why…:-P Please accept my apologies for this belated answer…!

      I am so happy you like the calendar, I already have mine up on the wall, ready to go in January…:-D I’m considering making a second one for my office, since I like it so much, but will wait a little, since I’m currently coordinating the 2015-2016 program for all the studies at my department (at the local university where I have my current daytime job) thus I need LARGE calendars to write lots of notes and stuff, making sure the classes and exams don’t collide…lol Maybe I should design a LARGE vintage calendar to use for that…? xoxoxo

  2. Thanks sooo very much for these hun, they´re very beautiful and usefull. And they´ll just as you said make a perfect hostess gift for anyone, as we all can use a calendar more, even we have some already.
    I really hope, that you´ll get a wonderfull week-end with your friend, and I can´t wait to see pics of your wonderful christmas viillage later. But don´t worry, if you don´t get it shown right away, I know only too well, how much we all have waiting right now, and I´m one of those myself, who don´t always get as much done as I wish to LOL. So just make sure to have a great time and enjoy the compagny from good friends, that´s the most important.

    1. Hiya Darling!

      We had an a-m-a-z-i-n-g weekend! Of course it was all so busy, and so fun, I completely forgot (or did not have the time) to take pictures…lol My friend has promised to take pictures for me when she has finished decorating the hotel, hopefully I’ll have something to share then…:-P xoxoxo

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