Sweet Christmas Cherubs – PNG and 2″ Circles Collagesheet

Wings of Whimsy: Sweet Christmas Cherubs - PNG (transparen background) and 2 inch printable collage sheet #vintage #freebie # #printable #postcard #cherub #angel

L-o-o-k  a-t  t-h-a-t! Christmas cherubs can’t get much sweeter than these, can they 😀

I follow Julie at The Old Design Shop, and adore so many of the graphics she posts. When I got a Christmas postcard from her in my mailbox a few hours ago, I simply had to extract the round cherub vignette to use with my Christmas crafting. And I thought you might like it too, so here it goes, fresh from Julie, via my photoshop, ready for us to utilize 😀

Wings of Whimsy: Sweet Christmas Cherubs - 2 inch printable collage sheet #vintage #freebie # #printable #postcard #cherub #angel

For the collage sheet I chose to downsize the image a little to fit my 2 inch circle punch. A fairly standard punch with most crafters I believe, so hopefully this will be useful to you too 🙂 Or sit down and cut these by hand, while “watching” your favorite tv-show, or in stead of knitting/crocheting/embroidering…lol!

These files are free for your personal use and enjoyment. Go to the download folder below to grab your high quality copies 🙂

Download Printable

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I have used the following graphics for this design:

Three Angels – The Old Designshop

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16 thoughts on “Sweet Christmas Cherubs – PNG and 2″ Circles Collagesheet

  1. More beautiful and lovely angels here sweetie. Thank you sooo much for sharing these with us here too, I absolut love them and they´ll be perfect for sooo many things. I just hope to get the time and energy to make al thas running through my mind, when I see all these great images LOL:
    Have a wonderful day filled with love and joy and lots of fun.

    1. Thank you so much my Dear 🙂 How come Christmas is coming so quickly this year??? I have sooo many plans and sooo little time…lol! Maybe I should bail and start preparing for Easter, to allow myself plenty of time…rotflmao 😀 I wish you a wonderful Thursday! xoxoxo

      1. I can only agree to that, and I don´t know why, but it seems to happen this way every year, and always get sneaking up on us like a whirlwind ha ha ha. I have at least 10 more projects, I wanted to make for christmas besides the 40 more cards I still need to, and I can already now see, that it´s just not going t happen, so now it´s all about, what I NEED to get done first, and then see how much more, I can find time for too LOL. Next year we ought to make that challenge to make at least 2 christmascards every month, so it don´t get on our back again this fast right?

      2. YAY! A Christmas planner for the whole year! I like it!!! 😀 I could do a monthly Christmas post, were we “report” our production, and encourage each other. After all, pouring our creativity into the cards, gifts and decorations is mainly about creating joy for our loved ones 😉 Are you on board if I make it happen? Big hugs

      3. Oh yeah I´m definitely in on that, I even think, it would be a great way to actually get it done every month ha ha ha, and it might even be fun and make some very different christmascards, if they´re made during spring and summer ha ha ha. But it could also be sooo fun, I think, so I´m definitely in on that challenge, let´s go for it. ha ha ha.

      4. Ok, I’ll be setting this up as soon as I can fit it into my schedule, hopefully before Christmas 😉

        For now I challange you to start a list of all the things you are doing this year, to use as a starting point for developing your goals for next year…;-)

        I’ve not taken up a massive Christmas card sending list, I only send a handful of cards, and I don’t mind buying them even, if I’m late… I also don’t try to make large and wonderful handmade gifts for everyone, I’m quite content with giving most of my family and friends money or giftcards, but then I DO enjoy presenting the money in a surprising way, maybe this year the cash will be hidden in Norgesglass snow globes…lol But I think on my list for next Christmas will be crafting items to sell at craft fairs leading up to Christmas AND preparing at least one Christmas-project for WoW each month… that should keep me busy too….lol!!! I’ll start pondering MY list based on what I have been/am working on this year too 🙂 xoxoxo

      5. Okay I´ll get my thinking cab out then and start thinking of, WHAT of all my want to make will make it through to next round here he he he, and try to put a plan together with my goals for next year, but I may have to correct it as we go, as I don´t know, what the DT challenges will be yet ofcause, but I want to try and make at least 2 christmascards every month, so I don´t have to rush sooo many at the end to get them all done, that´s for sure. My problem is always to behave my self, as there´s so much, I want to try and like to try again too he he.

  2. At the end of church service years ago, a group of ladies and I were chatting. I was griping about having so much yet to do to get ready for Christmas. One of my church friends snidely said, “Didn’t you know Christmas was coming?” Color me Christmas red. My lower lip hit the floor, but NEVER have I complained about what I wanted to get completed in time for Christmas. If it gets done, it gets done. If it doesn’t, no one knows but me. Thank you for these darling angels

    1. Hiya Sweetie!

      I never bother much about the cleaning, the shopping, the baking and the cooking…lol! But when my creativity is overflowing, I hate to hold it back 😛 l guess it’s my hard to kill “baby”… 😦 Your little story gave me a good laugh and I’ll try to remind myself of it when needed…lol! Have a lovely day, my Dear 🙂 xoxoxo

      1. Her comment smarted a loooooong time. My mother always said, “truth hurts”. Like you, I can laugh now. Knowing you laughed made me laugh.

  3. Hi Gunnvor Karita! These are so lovely! I will surely use them, hopefully already this year lol. They are such lovely faces! Thank you for sharing!! Hope all is well with you 🙂

    1. All is well, I’m running a little on “overload” trying to do two jobs at once…lol! But I AM having a lot of fun, learning loads of new software, only superfast crash courses for each one, but that is how I prefer to do it… I simply don’t have the patience to sit and crunch meticulously through all the details for a full day or two of courses…. hehehe! Big hugs to you my Queen!! 😀 xoxoxo

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