A Christmas Tree for the Bathroom

I came across some really cute table top white Christmas trees, and here is one I decorated for my bathroom:

Wings of Whimsy: Earring Christmas Tree #diy #christmas The trees have battery operated LED-lights, and I thought I would use them to display my items next fall, if I pursue my idea of taking my creations to craft fairs. So I got 3 of them! Before I use them next fall I intend to age them a little with spray paint and glitter and place them in a nicer holder or a jar of some sort. 

Wings of Whimsy: Earring Christmas Tree #diy #christmas

Hm… is there something funny with those baubles…????

Wings of Whimsy: Earring Christmas Tree #diy #christmas

They are EARRINGS 😀

I got two boxes with 20 differrent small baubles in each, and a couple of bags of earring pieces and some jumprings, pulled out my jewelry pliers and snippedy-snippedy-snip: whipped up 18 pairs of earrings in an hour 😀 Now the girls and I can choose a new set of Christmas earrings in the bathroom every morning, before we head out the door 😀 Cute, eh?

Not really vintage, I know, but the idea could be adapted to a more vintage look, and I might do that next year, when I can start crafting these a lot earlier 😛

Do you think wearing baubles as earrings is a funny thing to do? Well it’s all the rage on trendy webpages, so although I have not seen anyone do it before where I live, I’ll be proudly wearing my baubles, confident that next year everyone will wear them…lol!!!

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14 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree for the Bathroom

  1. Oh my goodness this is soo cute Gunnvor. Where did you get these from??What storeI mean? Is it one we have here too maybe, so I can go and check for these too. They´re soooo gorgeous and you´ve decorated it sooo beautiful too, and I just absolutely LOVE your ideas with the earrings too, that´ll be sooo cool and so much fun, I´m sure ha ha ha. I just love your beautiful christmastree here. I also have one tiny tree here, but it´s only in plastic with lights in it, made with an USB stick, so it´s added to my computer here. Got it from ghubby a few yearsago ha ha ha

    1. Good evening Dear Maryann 🙂
      I thought you might like them, they are resembling feather trees.. and I think just a little altering will make it look a lot more vintage and not so “plastic”…lol They were bought at Clas Ohlson, it’s a guys store with all sorts of power tools, but they have a craft section and a house ware section too, I think it is my favorite store…! lol Also the prices are reasonable, I believe it might be our equivalent of Home Depot…:-P You can see there website here:

      It does not seem they have stores in Denmark, judging by their website…? On the package it says the tree is “Made in China – Imported by Clas Ohlsson” so don’t know if other suppliers will have them 😦 But they are cuuuute, so I really wish you will find one! xoxoxo

      1. Hi It doesn´t seem they have them on their website, only big ones 180cm high, so maybe you can tell me how high this is just a ca. height?? Then we do have Jysk here, that maybe could have something simular. At least they often have different kinds of these things or may Jem & Fix, which is one of our home depot stores here too, they also sometimes have different funy things if it´s not too late this year, but worth a try.

  2. Oh, dear me! I’m so glad to know that others decorate the bathroom for Christmas. Thought I was the only one!

    1. Believe me you´re certainly not the only one, that´s for sure. I have a wonderful Santa toiletseat even and people keeps telling me, I´m crazy, but bot I and the girls just love it, and funny cause even people tell me I´m crazy, it´s the first, they´re looking for every year ha ha ha.

      1. I´ll get one and upload to my blog, and then leave you a lin for it. I actually took a lot of pics of all my christmasdecorations last year or was it the year before, not quite sure, but I think I still have those, as many have already asked about seing all my crazy christmasdecorations here, as I normally goes totally crazy at christmas. But I can´t help it, I just love it, and so does the gitrls he he he

    2. Haha, it is my first time with a tree in the bathroom, but I have always decorated a little, put red towels, candles and some Christmas Angels…lol Come to think of it, I decorate every single room in my house 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Awww, thank you Dear! I always appreciate the quick, easy projects, and this definitely goes on that list…lol I hope you feel inspired to make your own bathroom earring tree, or at least make a couple of bauble earrings for yourself and the other females in your life to wear this Christmas… 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Plastic fantastic! I think Christmas is the only time of year I allow myself to appreciate plastic…lol Oh two of the pairs are actually small glas baubles, the pink and the silver cone in the middle picture. I still have not decided if I dear wear those, what if they break, and my whole outfit is filled with broken glas…:-O Then again, they are my absolute favorites, so I might risk it…lol!!! xoxoxo

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