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2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 6

Today I am sharing the stunning tart tin ornaments made by Deb in Florida, USA for Iris in New York State, USA:

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

I’m totally in love with these! I love the vintage wallpaper, the tulle, the white washed tins, the German glas glitter, but most of all I LOVE the Victorian Black Beauty images!!! They are so stunning, so beautiful, I am very close to speechless.!!!

Deb has had some serious issues with her email, so our messages have been very short and all over the place, here on WoW, some longshot emails, messages on Facebook and Google+. I am in fact very relieved that she managed to send me these images of her amazing work…lol

Deb: if (when) you are reading this, feel free to jump in an tell us a little more about how you made these, pretty please?

Of the quick comments I got one is very important:

It is German Glass Glitter. I bought it here: but a lot of people sell it on Etsy or Ebay. 
I really need to get me some of that glitter!!! Or get hold of some broken ornaments and try Diannes technique of making her own! 🙂

Did you miss out on the planning of this swap? This is what my swappers signed up for back in September:

  • Each swap is for a set of 3 ornaments. Either 1 tart tin swap or 1 cookie cutter swap, swapped with one swap buddy
  • Deadline November 15th to craft your ornaments, take pictures and get the packages ready
  • Send pictures to me of the finished ornaments
  • Alert me when the swapped ornaments arrive at their new home

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7 thoughts on “2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 6

  1. These are sooooooooo beautiful Deb, you really have done an outstanding job. I´m also totally crazy about the German Glas Glitter, it looks sooo amazing on sooo many things. I´ve seen it used on many different things and even on cards and it looks just as fabulous on any thing you can think of using it for.
    These tins here are so gorgeous and soooo beautiful made in every detail. I really have to find some of these old tins and try and make some of all these, you´ve all been showing here, as I´m soo completely in love with them. I think, I´ll have to find a huge load, and make these for all my friends next year he he, so I´ll have to make a huge amount then, so maybe i should get going right after christmas then ha ha ha.
    Thanks so much for showing them all sweetie, it is such a pleasure to watch all this amazing work here every time. I really love all these.

    1. Dear Maryann 🙂

      I think we are about to convert you from scrapbooking into mixed media…lol!! (I know you already do that of course, I’m just joking!)

      Are the tins easy to find in Denmark? I know Sandkake has been a big favorite sugar cookie in Norway and Sweden, but I’m not sure if the Danes use them too? xoxoxo

      1. No unfortunately they are not easy to find, even I do remember these from my childhood, as I remember my granddads 2nd wife baked in these tins here, but it is many many years ago. But now I´ve put my daughters mother in law on the task, as she´s working in a recycling store some days every week, and she´s promissed me to keep her eyes ope to see if she can find some tins AND cookie cutters too he he , then I hope, she´ll have some luck

  2. I didn’t realize that you had gotten around to posting my ornaments already Gunnvor but here I am now:) I painted the tins white on the outside then removed most of the paint to give them that white washed look. I then cut out circles of wallpaper for the backs and glued them on. I put glue inside the tart tins and sprinkled glitter in around the sides.I then let it dry and then put more glue in and added another layer of glitter. I then cut the images out and glued them inside the bottoms of the tins and added some tiny braid I had around the edges. For the hangers I put holes in the tin and just coiled some wire through. I then cut bits of tulle and narrow lace and tied it around the hanger then glued some tiny millinery flowers on. I will blog them here later this week:

    1. Hello my Dear 🙂 Thank you so much for the great explanation on how you made these 🙂 I’m now on the lookout for both glass glitter and mica, seems it’s not very common here in Norway, but I did find one online store which carries it, so I’ll be placing an order very soon 🙂 Only problem is what color(s) to choose…lol Any recommendations on that? xoxoxo

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