The Child’s Dream – Animated GIF-file

I’m going to a Christmas Party with my job tonight, so I won’t be around to post anything, but trust me I have a long list of things to share before Christmas, so there will be plenty coming this weekend 🙂

Here is an animated GIF-file I made from a Victorian stereo-photograpy, you may download it and use it on your webpages this Holiday Season:

Wings of Whimsy: The Child's Dream #vintage #victorian #ephemera #photography #stereo #freebie

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I used a stereo-photo from the following source to design this GIF-file:

The Child’s Dream – Boston Public Library on Flickr

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2 thoughts on “The Child’s Dream – Animated GIF-file

  1. Have a wonderful party tonight and enjoy some time of with good friends, and don´t worry a bit about us here sweetie. Just enjoy yourself and have fun, then we´ll al get what we need, so don´t worry hun.
    Have a wonderful week-end now everyone and loads of great crafting fun, I hope.

    1. Dear Maryann. The party was fun, lots of Christmas food, and some wine and drinks… I’m feeling a little reduced today…lol! I’m just now picking up the girls, who stayed with my sister last night. But it’s snowing quite heavily here, so I’m stuck for a little while until they have cleared her yard. The tractor is working on it now, hopefully we’ll be able to leave in about 10-15minutes. I plan no crafting this weekend, I r-e-a-l-l-y need to get my house tidied and sorted before Christmas…:-O Hopefully some determined work this evening and tomorrow will make a difference… lol! But I have stuff ready to share, so there’ll be more posts coming here on WoW…:-) Have a lovely Saturday and a great weekend Hunny! xoxoxo

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