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DIY Polkagris Peppermint Candy Decor

I am almost ready for Christmas. The house is clean, the gifts are wrapped, the outfits are ready. I still need to do some grocery shopping, but that’s about it. So today I’m sharing a couple of last minute, very easy decors you can make with Peppermint candy:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Polkagris Decor

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Polkagris Peppermint Decor Wings of Whimsy: DIY Polkagris Peppermint Decor

I used Norwegian (Scandiavian) Polkagris candy for these, but any peppermint candy would be sweet.

The wreath is super easy! Just grab a styrofoam wreath and your glue gun. Attach the ribbon or string first, make sure it is really secure, because the final wreath is going to be quite heavy. Then start glueing the first row on the outside of the styrofoam wreath, closest to the back. Keep going row by row until you have filled the entire wreath. You can actually go all the way around if you want to hang the wreath in a window, and be equally pretty on both sides ๐Ÿ˜‰ Add a strip of glue long enough to attach two pieces of candy at the time. The glue will slightly melt the surface of the candy and make it stick really good to the styrofoam wreath ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is another, smaller wreath that I gifted to a friend:Wings of Whimsy: DIY Polkagris Peppermint Decor

The small one took about 10 minutes to make, the large one maybe 30 minutes, since I used a m-a-n-y Polkagriser on that one ๐Ÿ˜€

The Polkagris ornaments are even easier!

Grab a few cookie cutters and spread them out on a cookie sheet lined with greaseproof paper. Fill each cookie cutter with candy, I could have used less candy for mine, since they almost came out too thick:

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Polkagris Peppermint Decor Wings of Whimsy: DIY Polkagris Peppermint DecorCook in the middle of he oven on 175′ C (approx 350′ F) for 5-6 minutes. Sit in front of the oven and watch when they start melting. As soon as they are all melted, pull out the cookie sheet and leave to cool. You can see mine has a few air bubbles, meaning my temperature was probably just a little bit to high, if you want to make sure you avoid that, cook one ornament first to make sure your temperature is right.

When they have cooled about 30-60 seconds, poke a hole with a skewer for threading string later. I hung mine with dental floss.

Now here’s a trick that I forgot: if you dip your cookie cutters in a little oil before you start cooking these, they’ll easily slip out of the cutter after a few minutes of cooling. I forgot, so I could only release a few. The rest where stuck in the cutters, but I decided I liked that look just as much, so I have a few of each ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

If you want to make these for permanent keep you will need to treat the surface as it is quite sticky. I, however plan to throw a candy party when we pack Christmas away, since I still have (fairly) small children. So mine are not treated, the’ll be eaten ๐Ÿ˜€ If you think letting your kid eat a whole cookie size peppermint candy is too much, you can grind them up and sprinkle them on hot chocholate later in the winter season ๐Ÿ˜€

Also: see the little leak I had on the snowman? That is no problem, since it easily breaks off when they have cooled a couple of minutes ๐Ÿ˜‰ If your cookie cutters are very old and uneven, you can always leave an ovenproof dish on top of the cutters to weigh them down, but make sure it is clear glass, so you can watch them melt and pull them out at the right time.

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